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Eleusis – Seeking ancient rituals, Eleusis, Attika


Indeed, it is quite a mystery. Elefsina (Eleusis), this most industrial area of Attica, was once the site of one of the largest ceremonies of mystical initiation of the ancient world, the Eleusinian Mysteries.
Marina Zea, Zea, Marina, Piraeus, Attica, Port

Zeas Marina

Located next to the commercial port of Piraeus, the Zeas Marina is one of the largest in Attica.
Palataki, Tower

Palataki Tower

This 19th-century castellated building is a classic example of romantic historicism, with several neo-Gothic features.
Gyzis, Neoclassical, Building

Gyzis Neoclassical Building

Located within a special landscaped area of 8.5 acres, this neoclassical building is the guest house of the Palataki Mansion.
Plutonian, Cave, Eleusis

Plutonian Cave

The Plutonian Cave was thought to be tied to worship of Pluto, god of the underworld.
Eleusis – Seeking ancient rituals, Eleusis, Attika, Archaeological Site of Eleusis

Archaeological Site of Eleusis

Eleusis is the ancient sacred town of Attica notorious for the cult of Demeter, goddess of the harvest, as well as the popular Eleusinian Mysteries (a hope for life after death).
Poikilo, Oros

Poikilo Oros

In ancient times, the Athenians worshiped Zeus, the god of rain and thunder, at the top of this hill (referred to as Anchesmos).
Egaleo mountain Attica

Mount Egaleo

Mount Egaleo marks the dividing point between Attica’s north (Egaleo) and its south (Poikilo Oros).