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Megara Bubaris

Megaritika Boumbaria, gastronomy, food, Athens, Attica

Materials for the sheet
 1 kg flourshot (glass) vinegar for all uses
 1 shot (glass) vinegar
 1 tsp flour
 2 cups of olive wine
Ingredients for the filling
 1 kg of spinach
 300 g currant blonde
 250 g black currant
 250 g sugar
 100 g shallot chloro
 200 g glutinous
 2 tsp of sweet cinnamon
 100 g oil
 5 bunch dill

Peel, cut into small pieces and wash the spinach well. Allow to drain, add one (1) tablespoon salt and rub well to leave the broth and left in 1/3 of its volume.


Boil water in a pot and pour rice which boil for about 12 to 15 minutes. Strain and cold with plenty of water.


After thoroughly squeeze the spinach, put on a Basin and pour in all the ingredients. Mix well.
We have prepared the dough. Roll sheet, set aside the filling, pour a little ladaki, sugar mixed with cinnamon, and begin to wrap making a Bubaris.
The dish in the pan in a little distance to each other and brush them with oil.


Finally, we put on top of cinnamon and sugar.


Bake in a convection oven at 170 degrees for 40 minutes or until golden brown sheet.
When it come out hot from the oven, if we pour a little syrup.