Museum of Greek Gastronomy

The first-ever Museum of Greek Gastronomy has been opened in the heart of Athens, on Agiou Dimitriou Street in the Psyri district. The museum was born from the inspiration, determination and passion of four young people: Konstantinos Matsourdelis, Lydia Damkarelou, Omiros Tsapalos and Alkyoni Matsourdeli. Their goal was to create a lively and diverse space where the values of Greek gastronomy and the incredible products cultivated on Greek soil would unfold through modern, interactive methods.

The first-ever Museum of Greek Gastronomy has been opened in the heart of Athens, on Agiou Dimitriou Street in the Psyri district.he project is housed in a grand, two-story neoclassical building dating back to the early 20th century. The creators renovated the building, putting all their love, knowledge and extensive personal effort into it. Just a stone’s throw away from Evripidou Street, the herb and spice capital of Athens, and a short distance away from the Varvakios Market where one can find meat, fish, seafood and all sorts of fruit and vegetables. The Museum of Greek Gastronomy aspires to fill its spaces with unique flavours, local products and traditional cooking methods and recipes from every era and area of the country. Visitors are invited on a journey of flavours through the history, culture and nutritional value of Greek gastronomy. Visitors to this unique museum will learn a great deal about how local products are made and how traditional recipes are prepared through screenings, audio-visual material, photography exhibitions, presentations of traditional folklore objects used in production, and other modern presentation methods. Tours focus on interactivity and on educating visitors about Greek gastronomy so that they can incorporate it into their daily diet.

A World of Wonder

Visitors are met with a wam welcome, making them feel like they are old friends. The interior makes an immediate impression as you walk through the imposing door of the museum. One cannot but admire the adorned ceilings, which were repainted with great care and skill, and the beautiful wooden staircase leading to the top floor. The past and the present come together harmoniously in this building. The interior has been designed in three units. In the first, visitors interactively discover the steps involved in the production and processing of local products. This brings them closer to Greek nature, exposes them to the hard work of producers, and helps them appreciate the value and quality of Greek products. In the second unit, visitors learn the different methods of and secrets to Greek cooking, and discover how the products they became acquainted with can be transformed into delicious dishes. In the third unit, visitors are given the opportunity to taste top-quality Greek products in their original form as well as in mouth-watering recipes prepared in the museum’s restaurant, which is open on the first floor.

With More to Come…

The creators of the museum also plan to offer cooking classes in a space that will be specially designed for this purpose. They also plan to create a book display highlighting a variety of topics related to Greek gastronomy and oenology. Furthermore, there will be a store selling traditional products from all over Greece, such as olive oil, olives, handmade pasta, trahanas, herbs and spices, legumes, wine, vinegar, honey, cheese, mushrooms, botargo, sun-dried vegetables, Florina red peppers, Greek coffee, spoon sweets and a host of other products meeting strict quality criteria. There will also be an online store so that visitors from abroad can enjoy these first-rate products at home.

Be Our Guest

The cosy restaurant of the Museum of Greek Gastronomy offers visitors the opportunity to enjoy creative Greek cuisine and a unique culinary experience. The menu is inspired by ingredients and flavours found in various parts of Greece through the years. Starting with quality Greek products, they have created modern dishes that highlight the influence of Greek tradition in contemporary gastronomy. Come visit today to sample them with friends and family!

Child’s Play

In order to introduce children to the values of Greek nutrition in a dynamic learning experience, the Museum of Greek Gastronomy is holding a programme for children aged 5-11 years titled “A Museum in the Oven”. The aim of the programme is to allow children to explore the new museum and the ingredients of a healthy diet through an interactive game.

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Address: 13 Agiou Dimitriou St, Psyri
Area: Athens
Phone: +302103211311
Opening Hours: Tue-Sat: 18:00-00:00, Sun: 12:00-20:00

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