Athens Half Marathon 2022

The Athens Half Marathon returns to its familiar season, in March.

The 10th Athens Half Marathon, that is organized by SEGAS and the Municipality of Athens / OPANDA, in collaboration with Attica Region, will be held on March 20, 2022, and includes, according to the program, the following Road Races:

  • Half Marathon Road, which will be held in a block of 500 people at 08:30.
  • 5km road races (Race A & Race B). The 5km A Race will be held at 11.45 and the 5km B Race at 12:45, in a block of 500 people each.
  • Taking into account the health rules, the necessary time intervals between the races and the individual starts and in order to fully respect the protocols that ensure Public Health during this year’s Athens Half Marathon, the 3km Road Race, & the Children & Disabled 1km Road Race, will not be held.

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