The airport
The impressive Eleftherios Venizelos International Airport is only 32km from central Athens and is easily accessible by train, bus and taxi.

Travellers can access Athens International Airport (AIA) from central Athens or major Attica ports via public transportation that operates 24 hours a day. This ensures efficient transport to key areas of the Attica basin and various tourist attractions.

By car
The main motorway linking Athens to the International Airport is Attiki Odos.

By Metro
The airport is accessible via Metro line 3: Egaleo – Athens International Airport.

By bus
Four bus routes connect the greater metropolitan area of Athens and Piraeus with the airport. Outbound passengers can disembark at the departures level. Athens-bound buses depart from the arrivals level, between exits 4 and 5.

X93: Kifissos Coach Station – Airport
X95: Syntagma – Airport
X96: Piraeus – Airport
X97: Dafni Metro Station – Airport

Suburban rail
Athens International Airport (AIA) is linked to Athens Central Railway Station (Larissis Station) and the port of Pireaus via the suburban rail network. This also connects AIA to Kiato. The trip takes 1 hour 34 minutes.

More than 7,000 parking spaces are available for both short and long-term parking at Athens International Airport. Executive valet parking is also available.

Using the METRO System in Athens and Attica:

Step into any Metro station and you’ll understand why Athenians are proud of it. The Metro will also cut your travel time and save you sitting in traffic.

  • Only those with valid proof of travel (validated ticket, travel pass, etc) may board Metro trains and trams, or enter the areas beyond the ticket validation machines inside the station entrance.
  • You can buy tickets at the ATIMs (Automatic Ticket Issuing Machines) located in all Metro and tram stations, and from ticket offices. ATIMs accept bank notes of €5, €10 and €20, and also give change. Please read the instructions on each ATIM for further information.
  • Always verify that you hold the appropriate ticket for your destination, and see if you qualify for a reduced fare.
  • Prior to entering the platform area, validate your ticket at the validation machines.
  • Authorised employees perform regular inspections to verify that all tickets, passes and travel cards are valid. Significant penalties are given to passengers without a valid form of travel.
  • Follow the instructions of Metro staff as well as system announcements.
  • When using the escalators, stand to the right and use the handrail. If you have small children, hold their hand and be careful when stepping on or off the escalator.
  • Lifts are intended for use solely by those with impaired mobility (disabled persons, the elderly, pregnant women, etc).
  • Use the entire length of the platform when waiting for a train.
  • Before boarding, allow passengers to disembark first.
  • Do not attempt to enter a train after the door-closing buzzer has sounded.
  • According to laws 1214/1981, 2669/1998 and 2801/2000, if you’re inside the train or in areas of the metro station beyond the ticket validating machines, valid proof of travel (ie a validated ticket, a valid monthly travel card or a pass for free travel) must be produced when requested.
  • Please comply if an inspector asks to verify your proof of travel. Failure to display valid proof of travel risks a significant penalty.

If you plan to use the Athens Public Transportation Network for your travels, be sure you have a valid ticket or travel card.

Each ticket is valid for a single trip on one form of transportation, with the exception of combination tickets:

Combination ticket: €1.40
Reduced fare: €0.70

When validated, a combination ticket is good for 90 minutes and may be used on all OASA public transport. If the 90-minute limit will be exceeded during a journey, the passenger must validate the ticket a second time before the expiration of the 90-minute period or validate a new ticket, either on board the vehicle or at a stop or station. Each travel card allows unlimited travel within the specified time period, using all forms of transportation indicated on it.

This is valid for multiple trips using any form of public transportation in the urban zone (bus, trolley, tram, Metro or suburban railway) in any direction for up to 90 minutes. This ticket is not valid on express bus lines to the airport or on the Varkiza-Saronida section of route E22.

One-way ticket: €1.20
Reduced: €0.60

This is only valid for a single trip on buses, the Metro system and trolley cars.

Using the Tram System in Athens:

  • Prior to boarding, purchase tickets or unlimited-use cards from the ticket counters or the vending machines.
  • Validate your ticket at the machines located at the stations.
  • For your safety, use the handrails when standing inside the tram.
  • Smoking, eating or drinking is not allowed aboard trams.
  • When preparing to disembark, press the button next to the door; once the tram has stopped, press the green button on the door.
  • The emergency button and emergency brake inside the vehicle should be used only in an emergency.
  • Use the appropriate rubbish receptacles.
  • Don’t place stickers or draw graffiti on walls or any other surfaces, inside or outside the tram.
  • At the tram stops, only use tram equipment specified for use by the public.
  • Offer your seat to those who may need it more than you (the elderly, the disabled, pregnant women, etc…).

Athens taxi services are inexpensive by European standards and offers a reasonable alternative to mass transit. All licensed taxis are equipped with meters, and fares are charged per kilometre and per hour. Each cab also displays currently valid tariffs and surcharges.

In certain tourist areas, you may be asked to pay a flat rate for a specific destination. Before boarding a taxi, be sure to confirm independently the proper fare for the journey.

The taxi driver’s obligations are as follows

  • The driver will carry passengers’ luggage to and from the cab when picking up or dropping off a passenger.
  • The driver may not deny a passenger transportation, and may not pick up extra passengers without your permission.
  • A passenger may request a waiting time of up to 15 minutes, occasionally more if there is a valid reason.
  • Upon a passenger’s request, the driver is obligated to issue a receipt stating the route and metered fare paid.
  • You can call any of the taxi companies serving the greater Athens area for a scheduled pick-up service.


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