10 beautiful cafés in Attica’s museums and cultural centres

You are in one of the numerous museums of Attica and marvel at the world-famous exhibits that reflect the rich ancient and modern culture of this land. It’s time for

10 reasons to visit Salamina!

On the occasion of the 2500-year anniversary since the legendary Battle of Salamis, we set out on a tour on the biggest island of Attica, accessed in just 15’ by
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10 Things you must do in Attica in autumn!

The mellow weather, the beautiful colours and intoxicating aromas of autumn form the ideal setting for unforgettable short breaks in the mainland and islands of Attica. We recommend 10 out
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10 Things you must do in Attica in winter!

For those who believe winter is a season that… confines them and does not allow people to enjoy their favourite activities, have fun and go out for walks in the

10 unknown – or lesser known – destinations in Attica

Attica boasts several hidden treasures that few people know about, and has in store a number of wonderful surprises for its residents and visitors who decide to explore it. Join

9 great proposals for family activities in Attica during springtime

Spring is here and the nature is at its best. Attica has plenty of choices when it comes to parks, gardens and playgrounds, where you can spend carefree moments while
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A feast invitation… to all foodies around the world!

Gastronomy is “the art of preparing and serving fine food” and Attica definitely masters this art! The last 15 years have seen a spectacular evolution in Greek gastronomy: Greek chefs

A guide to photography in Attica: unique spots for unforgettable clicks!

Every single spot of Attica, whether a famous antiquity or a well-hidden gem, is ready to be captured for ever by your camera. The renowned light of the Attica sun

A spring excursion along the lakes of Attica

Natural or artificial, not too many yet beautiful, the lakes of Attica are a great option for those seeking new experiences, whether residents in the largest region of Greece or