10 Things you must do in Attica in autumn!

The mellow weather, the beautiful colours and intoxicating aromas of autumn form the ideal setting for unforgettable short breaks in the mainland and islands of Attica. We recommend 10 out

A feast invitation… to all foodies around the world!

Gastronomy is “the art of preparing and serving fine food” and Attica definitely masters this art! The last 15 years have seen a spectacular evolution in Greek gastronomy: Greek chefs

Aeschylia Festival in Elefsina

An indisputable institution in the cultural scene not only of Attica but of the entire country, Aeschylia Festival is organised every year in the town of Elefsina, consistently offering a

Athens – Attica: A foodie paradise in a blessed land

«Greece left me breathless… The majority of the actors visiting Greece, we combine Greece with the food, because when in Greece the flavors come alive and they take you in

Athens & Epidaurus Festival

Greece’s foremost cultural festival and one of the oldest performing arts festivals in Europe… is happening in Attica! Every summer, from June until August, the Athens & Epidaurus Festival hosts internationally

Athens Smart City

Overcoming, successfully the challenges of the 21st century, the city of Athens and the Region of Attica deploy the technology to improve the lives of its people and its visitors

Attica for travellers who are young at heart!

It’s time to choose the destination for your upcoming holidays. You know what you want: to relax and experience authentic moments, with comfort and safety, in a beautiful place, easily

Attica, the universal temple of culture! Living with history!

From Ancient times, Attica was a formation of communities, as satellites around the city of Athens. The center of administration and finance was Athens, the “kleinon asti”, as the Ancient
Kythera Waterfall

Biodiversity and protection of wildlife in Attica

Attica features rich biodiversity and a natural environment that astonishes up to this time, since new species are constantly discovered! National forests and parks, natural reserves and protected areas with