Short Break in Attica

A multidimensional collection of destinations, for all year round, short break holidays

You are planning your next short break trip and are looking for a destination that will satisfy all your travel preferences and expectations, any time of year. Is there such a place, that combines many destinations in one? Of course there is: it’s Attica and it invites you to discover it!

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Explore the Saronic Gulf islands (Aegina, Agistri, Poros, Salamina, Spetses, Hydra), journey towards the opposite coast (Methana, Troezen), or travel to Kythera and Antikythera. All are ideal holiday destinations or day trips, in short travel distance, for small doses of adventure!

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Poros, meaning ‘passage’, is a beautiful island that actually comprises two separate islands: Sfera and Kalavria. Many visitors find Poros very interesting when they head to the island for their summer vacations, short escapes, and day trips, as it has a unique landscape of narrow sea passages. The island is home to many historical, and contemporary attractions and beautiful beaches, and is easily accessible both by land and sea. Lying conveniently close to the coastal holiday resort of Galatas in Troezen, Poros is just three minutes away by private boat or a ferry ride. Populated since the time of the Mycenaeans, this lush green island, formerly known as Kalavria, reached its summit during the Archaic and Classical eras, as evidenced by the fifth-century remains of the Temple of Poseidon. The island’s beauty has moved many writers and poets, among them Cosmas Politis, George Seferis, Costis Palamas, and American author Henry Miller.

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Whether you’re planning to visit next week or next year, we’ll help you find fun things to do in Attica.

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Step into any Metro station and you’ll understand why Athenians are proud of it.

Useful Tips

Athenians have a word for everything! Although English is also spoken here.

Live like a local

Join in the local events and customs that capture the spirit of Attica.

Reaching Attica

You can access Attica by boat, by train, by car or by plane.

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