A spring excursion along the lakes of Attica

Natural or artificial, not too many yet beautiful, the lakes of Attica are a great option for those seeking new experiences, whether residents in the largest region of Greece or

Easter in the islands of Attica: a holy connection to life

Christ Crucified in a historic remote chapel. The Epitaph among fishing boats. Byzantine hymns coming from the small alleys adorned with vibrant bougainvilleas. Candles shadowed on the whitewashed walls. The

Trip for two in Attica: romance and passion for exploration

No matter where, every trip for two is an experience that builds up communication between couples and creates beautiful shared memories. If your ticket destination is for “Attica”, be sure

The famous honey of Attica, centuries of history with a modern twist

Thyme, savory, pine and aromas of garrigue and herbs: smells coming out of Attican honey, renowned throughout the centuries for its robust taste and healing properties. Unraveling the thread of

Carnival and Clean Monday in Attica: a long thrilling weekend full of traditions and events

A long weekend, with the last Sunday of the Carnival and Clean Monday, is the ideal occasion for everyone to join the festivities all along Attica. On Sunday 17 March,

Savory delights in Attica and the Saronic islands

A trip around Attica, just like the rest of Greece, is a unique gastronomic experience. Although the greek tradition values simple meals with fruit and cheese, it can, at the

Christmas and New Year’s Traditions in Attica

Christmas and New Year: not just another two fest days, a deep emotion instead. The eminent Christmas tree looming over Syntagma Square, but all smaller ones alike, in every square,
View of the first floor - Maria Callas museum

Maria Callas Museum – “La Divina” is back home

The divine voice of a fragile existence, destined for eternity! “I am not an angel and do not pretend to be. That is not one of my roles. But I am not a devil, either.
Poros-Outdoor Activities

Ecotourism: Exploring Attica the “green” way

Taking care of the environment without being deprived of the joy of traveling is not just wishful thinking. Attica as a whole, with its small towns and big cities, villages

Marathon 2023: 40 years of Authentic course

Hardly anyone, having ever run for just a mile, would not have considered the idea of participating in the Athens Authentic Marathon.  Even if they suffered while running, it is

Blue Flags 2023: Greece 2nd in the world, 18 Beaches and 5 Marinas for Attica

Another prestigious distinction, in the field of tourism and environmental protection, was received by our country, including the Region of Attica. The “Blue Flag”, the most recognizable and widespread international

The Region of Attica once again won the top award, “World Travel Awards”, the biggest institution of the tourism industry

World Travel Awards”, Greece’s leading Island destination for 2023 the Saronic Islands.   G, Patoulis: “With systematic work and with the aim of strengthening the extroversion of Attica, the Saronic islands received

Region of Attica won another top distinction at the World Travel Awards, the largest institution of the tourism industry.

George Patoulis: “Attica is changing in terms of sustainable development and is becoming a modern and functional Region with a human face” Region of Attica has been named the top

Accessible Beaches in Attica 2022

Accessible beaches in Attica (May 2022 update) The following 8 beaches are equipped with the Seatrac system, which allows for independent access to the sea for people with disabilities. Mandra
Γαλάζια, Σημαία, θάλασσα

Blue Flags 2022

The “Blue Flag” is a worldwide quality symbol (used by more than 50 countries around the globe) with austere criteria, which is awarded to organized beaches and marinas managed by

Athens Half Marathon 2022

The Athens Half Marathon returns to its familiar season, in March. The 10th Athens Half Marathon, that is organized by SEGAS and the Municipality of Athens / OPANDA, in collaboration
Γαλάζια, Σημαία, θάλασσα

Blue Flags 2021

The “Blue Flag” is a worldwide quality symbol (used by more than 50 countries around the globe) with austere criteria, which is awarded to organized beaches and marinas managed by

Attica “invades” the cinema theatres of the world!

Attica being a natural and safe cinema studio that offers a multitude of locations and landscapes for every director’s need and cinematic purpose, it is not surprising that ever more

Eating healthy in Attica

The Greek diet has become synonymous with the Mediterranean diet, widely known as one of the healthiest in the world. Already since antiquity, the “Father of Medicine”, Hippocrates, spoke of

10 reasons to visit Salamina!

On the occasion of the 2500-year anniversary since the legendary Battle of Salamis, we set out on a tour on the biggest island of Attica, accessed in just 15’ by

The Aegina Pistachio – the gastronomic treasure of Attica!

It has a delicate flavour and fine aftertaste. It stands out for its quality and is considered the best in the world. It is a superfood and true treasure for

Eleusinian Mysteries: “Initiation” to the most sacred and secret ritual of Attica!

For among the many excellent and indeed divine institutions which your Athens has brought forth and contributed to human life, none, in my opinion, is better than those mysteries. For

10 beautiful cafés in Attica’s museums and cultural centres

You are in one of the numerous museums of Attica and marvel at the world-famous exhibits that reflect the rich ancient and modern culture of this land. It’s time for

Saronikos: a destination for all seasons in Southeast Attica

The Municipality of Saronikos in Attica is the bridge between Mesogeia and Lavreotiki. Its inland borders start just 2 km away from Markopoulo, while on the seaside they start from

10 unknown – or lesser known – destinations in Attica

Attica boasts several hidden treasures that few people know about, and has in store a number of wonderful surprises for its residents and visitors who decide to explore it. Join

The enchanting myths of Attica

In every step you take in Attica, you are accompanied by the age-long history of the place that evokes awe and wonder, as well as Greek myths that enchant children
Attica stay home

We stay at home today so we can travel to Attica tomorrow!

In these extraordinary times, the message is Stay Home – Stay Positive – Stay Safe. We will come out of this stronger than ever and when time comes, Attica will
instructions virus caution

Coronavirus (Covid-19) Useful Info

I want to travel to Greece. Can I? How safe will I be in Greece? What should I do during my vacation if: -I have symptoms of Covid-19? -I ‘ve
Street Art Athens

The stunning Street Art of Athens!

Athens is no ordinary European capital. It is a city with extraordinary images and character. Here, ancient monuments co-exist with contemporary urban culture and Greek folk tradition goes side by
Festivals Attica Culture

Attica’s cultural festivals… at a glance!

The journey to Attica becomes even more majestic when it is combined with a journey in culture and arts, with routes full of music notes, theatrical expression, cinema frames and
Hellenic, Children’s, Museum, HCΜ, Attica

Creative learning and endless fun for the whole family at the museums of Attica!

In the museums of Attica, activities for the entire family and educational programmes that thrill visitors of all ages never stop! In Attica, ancient culture and local traditions, art and
Γυναίκα, Ακρόπολη, Αττική

What do visitors love about Attica?

From the minute you arrive in Attica, you cannot help but fall in love with it. Why? For a number of reasons… as many as Attica’s destinations! It is multidimensional
Honey, Attica, Local, products

The unique local products of Attica land

The mainland and islands of Attica do not stand out just for their extraordinary historical and cultural richness. The whole of Attica offers an invaluable primary production and a wealth
Ακρόπολη, Φιλοπάππου, Τρέξιμο

The best places for jogging and running in Attica

Many people’s favourite pastime, a feeling of freedom, health and contact with nature or the city: in Attica jogging and running become a true pleasure, whether in the lush green
Attica, Karyatis, Cinema

Attica: the ultimate film-friendly destination

With a unique cultural and natural environment “under its belt”, Attica offers countless possibilities for the attraction of international audiovisual productions. From classical Athens, the mountainous mainland and the extraordinary
Stavros Niarchos, Cultural Centre, Winter, Athens, Destinations

10 Things you must do in Attica in winter!

For those who believe winter is a season that… confines them and does not allow people to enjoy their favourite activities, have fun and go out for walks in the
Autumn, Monastiraki, Acropolis

10 Things you must do in Attica in autumn!

The mellow weather, the beautiful colours and intoxicating aromas of autumn form the ideal setting for unforgettable short breaks in the mainland and islands of Attica. We recommend 10 out
medicine, doctor, services

Health and wellness in Attica

In Greece, the land of Hippocrates – father of modern medicine – and in Attica, the land of Asclepius – the healer that was worshiped as god – concepts such
Kythera, Waterfall

Biodiversity and protection of wildlife in Attica

Attica features rich biodiversity and a natural environment that astonishes up to this time, since new species are constantly discovered! National forests and parks, natural reserves and protected areas with
Flora, Attica, Unique, Plants

Discover the incredible nature of Attica, its ancient secrets and fascinating myths!

From Acropolis’ acanthus to Attica’s crocus and Venus hair fern, the precious flora kingdom of Attica boasts impressive diversity, beauty, colours and fragrances, wonderful stories and untold secrets. Attica has
Breakfast, Cheese, Olives, Tomato, Bread

Greek Breakfast: the best way to start your day in Attica!

Imagine waking up in the bright sun while in Athens, in the beautiful countryside or on the majestic islands of Attica, and be greeted at your hotel’s buffet by a
Aeschylia, Festival, Institution

Aeschylia Festival in Elefsina

An indisputable institution in the cultural scene not only of Attica but of the entire country, Aeschylia Festival is organised every year in the town of Elefsina, consistently offering a
Epidaurus Festival, Attica

Athens & Epidaurus Festival

Greece’s foremost cultural festival and one of the oldest performing arts festivals in Europe… is happening in Attica! Every summer, from June until August, the Athens & Epidaurus Festival hosts internationally
Savvatiano, variety, grapes, wine

Savvatiano variety: the taste of Attica’s sun and sea in your glass!

You are in Attica, the region that boasts the most vast and ancient vineyard in Greece. The place where vine and wine are connected to people’s history, mythology, tradition and
Evzones, Guard, Presidential

Evzones: the Presidential Guard and potent symbol of Athens, Attica and Greece!

At the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Syntagma, on Vassilissis Sofias street, at the Presidential Mansion and on the Acropolis, the Evzones astound passers-by, both Greeks and foreign visitors
spring, trips, countryside

Springtime in Attica: the celebration of nature!

The advent of spring whets our appetite for day trips to the countryside. We enjoy the wonderful sunny days at the parks and groves in and out of Athens, for
Γαλάζια, Σημαία, θάλασσα

Blue Flags of Attica 2019

Crystal blue waters and golden beaches for all-day fun! Amazing blue sea and crystal clear waters – this is, without a doubt, the trademark of Greece! Attica, the most prominent
Vouliagmeni, Lake

Attica for travellers who are young at heart!

It’s time to choose the destination for your upcoming holidays. You know what you want: to relax and experience authentic moments, with comfort and safety, in a beautiful place, easily

Destination Weddings Live the happiest moment of your life in Attica!

Have you made the big decision and it’s time to plan the wedding of your dreams? Are you newlywed and seek the ideal destination for your honeymoon? Do you wish
LGBTQ , Rainbow

Rainbow Attica: friendly, hospitable and exciting!

Attica is a progressive and open-minded place, welcoming to all! In a country that embraces the European legislation and mentality regarding the rights of the LGBTQ community, Athens capital city,
Christmas, Acropolis, New, year

Magical Christmas and New Year’s Eve in Athens

In Athens and in the whole of Attica, the role of family has always been particularly important, and children have always had a special place, receiving great love and attention
Children, Travel, vacation

Unforgettable multigenerational vacation in Attica!

In Athens and in the whole of Attica, the role of family has always been particularly important, and children have always had a special place, receiving great love and attention
greek, food, Cuisine

A feast invitation… to all foodies around the world!

Gastronomy is “the art of preparing and serving fine food” and Attica definitely masters this art! The last 15 years have seen a spectacular evolution in Greek gastronomy: Greek chefs
Stegi, SNFCC

Cultural routes in Athens

It goes without saying that the main tourist attractions in the city of Athens are the sacred Rock of the Acropolis, the Parthenon and the Acropolis Museum. Myriads of foreign
Poros island Sfera Kalavria

Salamina, Poros, Spetses

Tourism in Salamina, Poros and Spetses Salamina: a nostalgic paradise Just a stone’s throw from the coast of Perama, internationally known for the famous naval battle that took place here
Christmas , Athens, tree

Christmas in Attica

There is no a better place to spend Christmas holidays than in Attica: festive mood, carols, mild nights, sunny days, impressive customs, delicious traditional pastries, shopping, a range of indoor
Acropolis, Museum, Exhibition

Selected Museums in Athens

The Acropolis Museum With exhibition space of more than 14,000 square meters (150,000 square feet) and a full range of modern visitor amenities, the New Acropolis Museum, designed by the
Children, Museum, Holiday

Visiting Attica with children – Endless holiday fun!

“Greeks love children and the country is especially child-friendly – making Greece the ideal location for an interesting and exciting family holiday.” The Telegraph. Children like myths and super-heroes and
Attica, Shopping

Holidays in Athens and Attica; experience shopping at its best!

Shopping in Athens is a must – do The major shopping areas of Athens are gathered inside a triangle formed by Syntagma, Monastiraki and Omonia Squares. Monastiraki is the place
Traditional, Greek, cuisine, Olive, Salad, Oil

Athens – Attica: A foodie paradise in a blessed land

«Greece left me breathless… The majority of the actors visiting Greece, we combine Greece with the food, because when in Greece the flavors come alive and they take you in
beach, Attica, Blue, Flag

Is Attica really an island?

Well, almost! Attica is actually a sun-kissed peninsula, blessed with an extended crystal clear sea front! Most people get to know Athens, the capital of Attica, better. They are impressed
Blue, Fag, Sea, Greece

Blue Flags of Attica!

Since the beginning of time, the amazing blue sea defines Greece! Attica is the most prominent region of Greece and Athens, its capital, is blessed by clear waters that surround
Acropolis, Attica

Attica, the universal temple of culture! Living with history!

From Ancient times, Attica was a formation of communities, as satellites around the city of Athens. The center of administration and finance was Athens, the “kleinon asti”, as the Ancient
Hydra, rock, Island

Hydra: as close to paradise as anyone could wish

“Hydra is almost a bare rock … a living rock, a diving wave of energy suspended in time and space, creating a pause of long or short duration in the

Eleusis: a mystical archaeological site…

Eleusis: a mystical archaeological site in the heart of an industrialized town which has been proclaimed European Capital of Culture for 2021. “Among the many excellent and indeed divine institutions
Smart, City, Wi-Fi, Free

Athens Smart City

Overcoming, successfully the challenges of the 21st century, the city of Athens and the Region of Attica deploy the technology to improve the lives of its people and its visitors
Sport, Tourism, Greece, Bikes

Sports Tourism

Out into the open air Find fun, excitement and adventure in Attica, a major sports tourism destination Athens and its region feature a geographical diversity and a mild climate which
Megaron, Alexandra, Trianti

Classical music and opera

Music is in the air Once you have arrived in Athens you will realize how much of a role music plays in Greeks’ daily life. Music is everywhere: in the
Kythera, Island, Greece

Kythera: One of the best kept paradises in Greece

Kythera: One of the best kept paradises in Greece Just beyond the treacherous cliffs of cape Maleas, the island of Kythera keeps its own personality and mysteries. The Venetians, who
Athens community welcome

The LGBTQI community is welcome in Attica!

Athens metropolis; a city hospitable to all Homosexuality is a very old story in Greece. In Antiquity, the issue of what gender one is attracted to, is seen as an

Saronic Island hopping

Go off to explore the charming islands of the Saronic Gulf and discover their secrets. Swim in crystal clear waters; enjoy the relaxing atmosphere, dive into a rich historical past,
Σαρωνικός εξερεύνηση

Hiking and climbing in Attica

When in Athens, don’t miss the wonderful outdoors opportunity offered by one of the very few capitals around the globe where a great number of hiking and climbing places are
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