Is Attica really an island?

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Well, almost! Attica is actually a sun-kissed peninsula, blessed with an extended crystal clear sea front!

Most people get to know Athens, the capital of Attica, better. They are impressed by Athens’ cultural and historical profile as well as the city’s intense personality! Tourists usually prefer indulging themselves in the marvels of Athens. However, there are plenty of things to see and do at the greater area of Attica, in a rather short distance from Acropolis!

Whether you are looking for a secluded cove or an organized beach or just a path to walk across the inviting coast line of Attica in the evening, this is the place for you!

The coasts of Attica offer pleasure to suit on everyone’s likes! Swimming, diving, surfing, skiing, you name it!

Check your fancies, find your location on the map of Attica and prepare yourself for all day long escapades!

You may go by car or you may use the public transportation to reach your destination!

And the best part! Recently most of Attica’s beaches were awarded for being clean and accessible, by the Blue Flag quality award.

If you wish to do something more sophisticated this summer, try Attica as the most unexpected experience!

Here is our top ten of Attica’s beaches! We suggest your planning a tour across!

  • Just before the location of Legrena, towards Cape Sounion, is a fine secret beach, known as KAPE. You have to walk a bit and climb down 200 stairs to reach this remarkable rocky beach covered by golden sand and enjoy the all blue fresh waters! Do not forget your hat!
  • Psatha, at Porto Germeno, Athenians beloved beach between the tiny villages of Villia and Alepohori, following the directions for Eleusis. A virgin pebbled beach surrounded by pines next to the fresh waters. And the best part! There are traditional taverns offering divine food!
  • Mavro Lithari, at Anavyssos, towards Sounion. Ideal for sea activities and fun attracts the attention of young people! Lots of facilities. The beach is perfectly organized.
  • Kaki Thalassa, at Keratea, Ideal location for those who are longing to enjoy the benevolent calmness of the sea!
  • Schinias, at Marathonas One of the most popular locations of Attica during summer! You may relax by the sea or rush yourself into the blue with your surfboard. Or dance with your friends, or have lunch by the sea, or do everything at the same time! The choice is yours!
  • Erotospilia, at Porto Rafti. It means the cave of Love! So, lie down under the shade of trees and succumb to the mesmerizing sea breeze! Or just find yourself an umbrella, enjoy a fresh smoothie and feel love!
  • Kokkino Limanaki, at Rafina. Kokkino in Greek means red. Imagine the transparent sea waters, surrounded by red rocks and in the middle a sandy space to lie down under the sun! Unique beach! You should definitely go!
  • Vouliagmeni (lake and beaches). The cosmopolitan place to be! Either in the area of Laimos or at Limanakia location, you may lose yourself and spend a stress free day by the sea, in a 20 km distance from the center of Athens!
  • Varkiza Beach. Do you wish to enjoy your day by the sea and mingle with beautiful people? This is your spot! An impeccably organized beach. Playgrounds, bars, music, restaurant and happy people!
  • Passalimani at Sounion. A secret beach for the real connoisseurs! A golden sandy beach leading to deep blue waters for those who adore swimming!
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