Saronic Chamber Music Festival – Syngros open air theatre (beginning of August)
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Saronic Chamber Music Festival

Saronic Chamber Music Festival – Syngros open air theatre (beginning of August)
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“Synoriaka” of Modern Greece

Cultural events during the last weekend of August at the port, celebrating the anniversary of the determination of the first Greek borders, in Poros in 1828. The events aim at establishing Poros as a main destination in August and the highlighting of the importance of the contribution of Poros to modern Greek State History.
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Traditional Boat Show

In the beginning of May or October each year, Poros welcomes traditional and classic boats, with a rich cultural program on the sidelines of the boat show.
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“Lemon Tree” Festival

Cultural events at the end of July. Revival of old local customs, exhibition with local products, concerts (co-organizing with the Women's Cultural Association "Poriotissa").

Carnival Events

With a great concert, a parade of masked people and the well-established "hunt of the lost treasure".
Alexandros, Koryzis, lawyer, economist, prime minister

Alexandros Koryzis

Born 1885 on Poros, Alexandros Koryzis came from a background of privilege. Both his grandfather and his father were politicians; his father was elected to Parliament three times and served as Poros mayor from 1895 to 1899.
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Poros Arts Festival

A series of cultural events during July (concerts, photography and painting exhibitions, theater, dance, cinema).
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The Dana Lighthouse

The Dana Lighthouse standing at the mouth of the Poros channel was built in 1870 by the French Society of Ottoman Lighthouses. It is one of the prettiest stone-built square lighthouses in Greece and a monument of modern maritime history. The lighthouse rises to nine meters and its focal length reaches 32 meters.
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The Clock Tower

The iconic Poros clock tower (roloi) was built in 1927 with a donation by Ioannis H. Papadopoulos, a member of Parliament representing Trizina. His gift included the clock mechanism, which was made in America in 1915.