"Tsiknopempti" (Fat Thursday) is a day of celebration and a great excuse for fun and entertainment in Attica.

“Tsiknopempti” and beginning of Carnival in Attica

"Tsiknopempti" (Fat Thursday) is a day of celebration and a great excuse for fun and entertainment in Attica.


For many people, camping is a way of life. For others, it is a great opportunity for nature vacation, combined with low-cost accommodation.

Veikou Grove

In about 20 minutes from the centre of Athens, a lush green space of 63 acres awaits you, ideal for walks and relaxation, family play, exercise and recreation.

Every season in Attica is pure magic!

Multidimensional and majestic, with a stunning diversity and breathtakingly beautiful landscapes, Attica boasts destinations that are ideal for every traveler, every season of the year.

Magical Christmas and New Year’s Eve in Athens

Christmas and New Year's Eve: the season when Attica is more beautiful and magical than ever! Stunning decorations, happy melodies and warm smiles compose the festive scene in Metropolitan Athens, which puts on its best outfit to wave goodbye to the year, with art events and hundreds of free happenings, in every corner of the city.

Let’s go shopping in Attica!

In Attica, shopping in itself is a memorable experience, with the multitude of choices that Athens, the suburbs and the nearby islands have to offer. From top-quality produce of the Attica land to famous brands and Greek designers' jewellery, Attica literally has everything! You won't be needing a shopping list. Just let yourselves be guided by your senses and you will definitely find what you are looking for!

Customs and traditions in Attica: Live the most authentic experiences!

No matter where you are in Attica, no matter what the season, you will definitely come across the revival of an old custom. Here, traditional culture is still alive, giving colour to modern everyday life. Experience unique moments, become one with the locals and feel that you, too, are a part of this place!



Cape Sounio: overlooking the Aegean Sea!

If you ever visit Sounio, you will soon realize the true meaning of expressions like "outstanding beauty", "majestic panoramic view", "breathtaking sunset".