Creative learning and endless fun for the whole family at the museums of Attica!

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In the museums of Attica, activities for the entire family and educational programmes that thrill visitors of all ages never stop!

In Attica, ancient culture and local traditions, art and technology, nature and sciences are… child’s play and family vacation is true fun!

Entertaining and educational workshops at Kotsanas Museum of Ancient Greek Technology combine the exhibit experience with seasonality, fascinating all toddlers: A painting workshop with strokes of technology and electricity, based on the exhibition “Nikola Tesla – the Man from the Future”. An interactive workshop that gives life to the exhibits of the permanent exhibition “Ancient Greece – the Origin of Technologies” inspires children with disguise ideas for unique carnival costumes full of art and technology. And the… Flying Pigeon of Archytas, the autonomous flying machine of the 4th century B.C., gives children the motive to create their own kite for Ash Monday.

February at the Emotions Museum is dedicated to “disguises” of emotions such as anger and shame. Every workshop has been designed for a different age group, revealing through storytelling the value of each emotion in our lives.

Workshops full of learning, play and creativity especially designed for small children are organised at the School Life & Education Museum, while every Saturday and Sunday at the Museum of Greek Children’s Art toddlers paint with their parents and meet creative people of Art and Culture.

Every weekend until May 2020, children and their parents get to know the fascinating world of the Museum of Cycladic Art through storytelling, interactive tours, art workshops, theatre, photography and music, while alongside the Benaki Museum exhibition dedicated to Greek publisher and critic Christian Zervos, children aged 7-11 explore current issues from their personal artistic quests.

Planetarium shows, educational programmes at the Science & Technology Centre, labs, experiments and endless creativity at the UTech Lab: Eugenides Foundation has something for all visitors, of all ages!

At the interactive painting workshop of Basil & Elise Goulandris Foundation children discover the meaning of portrait through three different games, while the workshop on handmade screen printing teaches young artists the popular technique that numbers over 5,000 years of life.

There is always something exciting going on at the Β & Μ Theocharakis Foundation for the Fine Arts & Music for visitors of all ages. From Street Art for children and a workshop that combines photography with play and artistic creation, to drama therapy, interactive theatre, theatrical costume design and many more.

At the Hellenic Children’s Museum play and learning never stop! Families with children of all ages participate in specially designed activities, according to the needs and skills of every age group.

At the Goulandris Museum of Natural History children are familiarised with the natural environment, they comprehend the balances that exist in it and become aware of the risks it runs today. All this is done in an interactive and extremely fun way!

In February, parents and children’s favourite sleepover returns for a… night at the Industrial Gas Museum. A number of incredible activities based on super heroes and the environment invite young visitors of the museum to explore and save planet Earth, through plenty of play and fun!

Please contact the Museums for participations or tours in your own language.

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