The Region of Attica once again won the top award, “World Travel Awards”, the biggest institution of the tourism industry

World Travel Awards”, Greece’s leading Island destination for 2023 the Saronic Islands. 

 G, Patoulis: “With systematic work and with the aim of strengthening the extroversion of Attica, the Saronic islands received an important distinction”!

The Saronic Islands of the Region of Attica were named Greece’s Leading Island Destination for the year 2023 (Greece’s Leading Island Destination 2023 – Saronic Islands, Region of Attica… ) , at the renowned international tourism institution “World Travel Awards”. During the award ceremony “Europe Gala Ceremony” held on 29.09.2023 in Vatum, Georgia, it won the 1st place in the voting of the international public, among the other co-nominees (Cyclades, Dodecanese, Ionian Islands, Sporades). 

This is a particularly important distinction, as the “World Travel Awards”, which are also characterized as the “Oscars” of tourism, are a multi-year and internationally acclaimed institution, whose annual program of landmark events on all continents, is recognized worldwide as the ultimate guarantee of rewarding and awarding excellence in all key areas of tourism industries. 

The selection of the Saronic Islands of the Attica Region as the top Greek island destination for 2023, by the public that participated in a related vote, was based on:

• The authenticity of the cultural character, and the historicity of the islands. 

  • The variety of cultural events and festivals.
  • The attractive natural environment, the enchanting coastlines and beaches, the variety of activities in nature and not only, such as: sailing-yachting, island-hopping, trekking, wellness, wedding and religious tourism, family holidays, plenty of sports activities and events for adults and children, etc.
  • The delicious local gastronomy, based on traditional recipes and local products.
  • The quality services provided to visitors by tourism industry professionals at competitive prices.
  • The unique Greek hospitality.
  • Ease of access and proximity to the major urban centers of Athens and Piraeus, which make them ideal options even for digital nomads.

The nomination of the Saronic Islands of the Attica Region as a top Greek island destination for 2023 was handled by the Attica Region Tourism Staff Directorate, in collaboration with the Attica Regional Development Fund. 

For the promotion of the Saronic Islands as Greece’s Leading Island Destination for the year 2023 (Greece’s Leading Island Destination 2023- Saronic Islands, Region of Attica… the Regional Governor Attica Mr. Giorgos Patoulis stated: 

  “This award is a very important distinction for the Region of Attica and the Directorate of Tourism. Distinctions such as this one, reward the systematic, targeted and intensive work carried out by the Region of Attica and in particular by the Directorate of Tourism of the Region of Attica. In this context, I would like to thank the Regional Councilor for Tourism in Attica, Theodoros Koutsogiannopoulos, the Office of the Deputy Regional Governor P.E. Nison and all the members of the Working Group, who participated in this project. Much of the success is also due to local actors”.

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