Region of Attica won another top distinction at the World Travel Awards, the largest institution of the tourism industry.

George Patoulis: “Attica is changing in terms of sustainable development and is becoming a modern and functional Region with a human face”

Region of Attica has been named the top sustainable tourism destination in Europe for 2022 in the prestigious international tourism institution World Travel Awards, deservedly winning 1st place among leading international destinations such as Baden-Württemberg, Dubrovnik, Edinburgh, Funchal, Pembrokeshire and Algarve.

It is an award that promotes the comparative advantages of a place, which make it attractive for holidays all year round, and at the same time serves the principles of sustainability.
The promotion of Attica as a leading sustainable tourism destination was based on three main pillars:

1. The cultural wealth and natural beauty of the Region (long coastline with magnificent – Blue Flag awarded – beaches, mountainous forests of outstanding natural beauty, plains with famous vineyards and wineries open to visitors, idyllic islands, etc.)

2. Its modern infrastructure (award-winning International Airport for safety and service, Piraeus – one of the leading ports in Europe, impressive marinas for yachts, plenty of accommodation and services for dining, entertainment, etc.)

3. In the integrated plan that the Region of Attica has set up to become the first “Green” Region of the country. This plan includes:
-The creation of new, environmentally friendly waste management units, which will operate as integrated Circular Economy Parks
-The strengthening of recycling through the procurement of equipment that will be distributed free of charge to the municipalities of Attica
-The separate collection of biowaste and the construction of inter-municipal biowaste management units throughout Attica, with parallel free distribution of equipment to the municipalities of Attica
-The formulation of an updated master plan for flood protection
-The updating of environmental studies
-The development of a modern model of civil protection

On the declaration of Attica as Europe’s top sustainable tourism destination for 2022, the Governor of Attica, Mr. George Patoulis said:

“Attica’s successive distinctions at the World Travel Awards, the largest institution of the tourism industry, demonstrate that the methodical work done in the Region of Attica, with the aim of highlighting its comparative advantages and strengthening its extroversion, has results and bears fruit.
It is my deep conviction that tourism is one of the main pillars of our economy and in this context, investing in the tourism product of Attica remains high on the agenda of our priorities.

Attica, that is the metropolitan Region and at the same time the largest of the country, is changing in terms of sustainable development and is becoming a modern and functional Region with a human face. Major infrastructure projects combined with visionary actions and interventions are shaping a landscape in which everyone, residents, and visitors alike, can enjoy a unique tourist experience. Attica, after winning the first place in the World Ranking of metropolitan seaside destinations for 2021, in World Travel Awards, was also named “Europe’s Top Sustainable Tourism Destination for 2022″, a fact that fills us with a sense of pride for what we have achieved, but also a sense of duty to complete our goals, creating Attica as a hospitable destination, 365 days a year. Attica has a present and a future that belongs to everyone”.

World Travel Awards is a universal institution which awards the key leaders of the tourism industry from 1993 onwards. Today, it is recognised as the ultimate brand of the tourism industry.

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