Unforgettable multigenerational vacation in Attica!

In Athens and in the whole of Attica, the role of family has always been particularly important, and children have always had a special place, receiving great love and attention by everyone. Attica’s safety and security, great infrastructure, specialised services and rich culture guarantee the most fascinating holiday for the whole family, as it satisfies all needs and expectations that grandparents, parents and little travellers have from a short break family destination all around the year.

Easy access, with countless flight and ferry connections, ensured by the biggest airport (Eleftherios Venizelos Athens International Airport – ΑΙΑ www.aia.gr/) and the greatest port (Piraeus port www.olp.gr/en/) of the country; wonderful mild weather and ideal climate throughout the year; ease of getting around Attica, due to its excellent road and public transportation networks; extremely affordable destination, for all travel budgets. These are some of the reasons that make Attica a heaven on Earth for multigenerational holidays!

Attica offers a multitude of options for family-friendly accommodation, unique archaeological sites and historical monuments, wonderful organized beaches, colourful culture and traditions, as well as friendly and hospitable people. Attica’s rich mythology and the numerous entertainment, educational and experiential activities offered will absolutely thrill all little travellers, while grandparents and parents will relax and discover the rich culture of this place, together with their children and grandchildren!

Numerous activities for everyone, never-ending joy and fun!

Fun in Attica is… intergenerational! Whatever your age or interests are, here you will find exactly what you look for!

Start with a visit at the Parthenon, the greatest monument in Greece, and the Acropolis Museum, where special tours for families are offered, emphasizing on mythology which is loved by all children. The Benaki Toy Museum, the Museum of Greek Children’s Art and the Goulandris Natural History Museum with the Gaia Centre, as well as the Foundation of the Hellenic World with its virtual reality theatre “Tholos”, are some of the countless options offered in Attica, museums that will definitely thrill the whole family! Children and adults get to know the culture and traditions of Attica, nature and sciences, in a fun and interactive way.

Continue this enjoyable journey into culture at the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Centre with its wonderful hospitable spaces and its special events for children, as well as at the Planetarium Eugenides Foundation, where the mysterious world of the Universe becomes… a child’s play, with its state of the art digital systems and the children’s creative technology workshop that is open for everyone.

In Attica, fun educational activities for children and adults never stop! From family handcraft workshops dedicated to Olympian Gods and picnics on Pnyx hill with re-enactment of the Athenian Assembly and life in ancient Athens, to family expeditions on Filopappou hill and day trips to the historic site of Vravrona, with treasure hunting and many educational games.

How about a visit to Attica’s zoos and parks? Children and adults will be delighted by the beautiful animals from all over the world, they will take fascinating walks around the impressive surrounding land, and will relax at the cafes… recharging their batteries with beverages and snacks. Parks, groves and playgrounds as well as escape rooms, adventure and entertainment parks are everywhere to be found in Attica, for relaxation, endless fun, action and exciting games!

Daily life in Attica is full of delights for everyone: try the local healthy and delicious street food that all kids love, from the famous and addictive souvlaki to Greek pies, with the sweet or savoury filling of your preference. Walk in the picturesque narrow streets in Athens historic centre, next to archaeological sites and in beautiful neighbourhoods that look like small villages. Combine shopping with lunch, coffee and fun activities for children in one of the many shopping malls in Attica.

Fascinating mountain paths, awarded beaches, beautiful islands!

The more adventurous travellers will be amazed by the mountains of Attica: mountain cycling in lush green routes or exhilarating trekking and hiking in the uniquely beautiful paths, with various degrees of challenge to choose from. Wellness and exercise, enjoying the breathtaking natural landscape of Attica!

The South coastline in Attica, known as “Attica Riviera”, is the ultimate summer destination! Numerous sandy beaches with crystal blue shallow waters for endless swimming and fun. High quality services, great culinary experiences, comfort and relaxation in Attica’s resorts that meet everyone’s expectations! Dive into the lake of Vouliagmeni and feel the therapeutic power of its thermal waters, enjoy a delicious meal while your children and grandchildren play safely in the playground provided in the Vouliagmeni lake facilities. In Glyfada you will find one of the first organized sea turtle rescue centres in the Mediterranean, where you will learn everything about this particularly important animal for the Mediterranean ecosystem.

Attica islands are so close to Athens and so easily accessible from the port of Piraeus, that are ideal destinations for the whole family. These jewel-like little islands boast rich history and unique traditions, wonderful architecture, stone narrow streets, relaxed atmosphere, extraordinary gastronomy and organized beaches with crystal clear waters. Relax and enjoy beautiful Aegina, Agistri and Poros, walk around unique Hydra and Spetses, without the hustle of cars. In Kythira and tiny Antikythira you will rest and relax, taking in all the natural beauty and rich history of these amazing places. Combine your visit to these islands with a family cruise, dive into the deep blue waters from the boat and easily reach the most majestic beaches that are only accessible by boat.

Family-friendly accommodation for all preferences!

In Attica you will find exactly what you are looking for, when it comes to accommodation for you and your family: from luxury resorts and big chain hotels that provide every comfort right by the sea to small boutique hotels with a family friendly profile, from holiday houses, apartments and cottages for freedom and independence to mountain guest houses for easy access to activities in nature. No matter where you choose to stay – city or near the sea, mountain or islands – one thing is certain: the moments of relaxation, delight, comfort and warm hospitality you will experience in Attica, will be engraved on your memory forever!

Attica was, is and will always be a beloved destination for multigenerational families. It’s not only the feeling of safety and the notion of respect to the family institution, but also the fact that it combines all elements that every single age group seeks. Here, you will spend quality time with your loved ones, without compromising your own wishes!


Choose a sandy beach over pebbles with shallow waters, so children can play, and make sure that it is easily accessible by car. This way you and your loved ones will have a great time… and so will the other bathers! Attica has many kid-friendly beaches, including Schoinias, Anavyssos, Varkiza, Kavouri and Sounion.

Choose to stay at a good family hotel on the beach, so you don’t need to travel by car every day to take a swim. Make sure the hotel you choose provides all the necessary facilities for children (a play centre with qualified personnel, a playground, rental of infant and children’s gear, babysitting services, a children’s pool next to the adult pool, activities for children, etc.). You can find detailed information in the accommodation section of the website.

Plan some outings that will give your children something to remember. Some good ideas are the Attica Zoological Park in Paiania (eastern suburbs), the Tritsis Environmental Park at Ilion (western suburbs), the National Gardens at Syntagma Square (Centre), the Marina Floisvou play centre (southern suburbs), the Allou Fun Park amusement park (Piraeus), the model playground on the Palaio Faliro waterfront, and finally a walk on the beautiful seaside path along the Palaio Faliro coastline (southern suburbs).

A global architectural landmark, a sustainability paradigm as well as a metropolitan cultural destination, hosting three cultural organizations under the same roof, the SNFCC aims to become a common ground, a place for all people, where everyone has access to learning, the arts and events that stimulate, engage and inspire.

To organize a tour or learn more about SNFCC and its events please visit www.SNFCC.org

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