For Families

Although it is no secret that a trip abroad with a baby or a young child is not a simple affair, it’s important that you keep in mind a few simple secrets of our own that will make your holiday comfortable, safe, but most importantly, pleasant for both you and your little treasures.

For instance, if just the thought that –on top of all of your luggage – you also have to carry all sorts of babies’ stuff (prams, diapers, bottles, childcare products, etc.), makes your trip feel like an odyssey, you’ll be happy to know that there are solutions that will help turn your holiday with children into a piece of cake!

Thanks to a helpful service provider, the items you wish to rent can be pre-ordered and delivered to you upon arrival at the Eleftherios Venizelos Airport, the Port of Piraeus, or your hotel, according to your needs. This way you can avoid the hassle of carrying the gear around, as well as the risk of damage and excess-luggage charges.

Experience a camping holiday…

Large, organised camping sites make for a great holiday, as long as you enjoy this type of activity and your children are over 4 years old. Attica has many camping sites that are ideal for children, located at Sounion, Marathonas, Schoinias, Limanakia in Vouliagmeni, Varkiza, Nea Makri and Alepochori.
Information on camping sites in Attica and throughout Greece: tel.: (+30)2103621560,

Creative activities for children on Poros island

If you happen to visit the lush and beautiful island of Poros this summer, keep in mind that the Children’s Creative Activity Centre organises many programmes. In one of these programmes, children learn the art of the mosaic, weaving and tapestry. Many other creative activities are also on offer depending on the children’s ages. These programmes are taught by experienced educators and artists who are distinguished and well known around the world. Contact: (+30)2298022760.


Choose a sandy beach over pebbles with shallow waters, so children can play, and make sure that it is easily accessible by car. This way you and your loved ones will have a great time… and so will the other bathers! Attica has many kid-friendly beaches, including Schoinias, Anavyssos, Varkiza, Kavouri and Sounion.

Choose to stay at a good family hotel on the beach, so you don’t need to travel by car every day to take a swim. Make sure the hotel you choose provides all the necessary facilities for children (a play centre with qualified personnel, a playground, rental of infant and children’s gear, babysitting services, a children’s pool next to the adult pool, activities for children, etc.). You can find detailed information in the accommodation section of the website.

Plan some outings that will give your children something to remember. Some good ideas are the Attica Zoological Park in Paiania (eastern suburbs), the Tritsis Environmental Park at Ilion (western suburbs), the National Gardens at Syntagma Square (Centre), the Marina Floisvou play centre (southern suburbs), the Allou Fun Park amusement park (Piraeus), the model playground on the Palaio Faliro waterfront, and finally a walk on the beautiful seaside path along the Palaio Faliro coastline (southern suburbs).

A global architectural landmark, a sustainability paradigm as well as a metropolitan cultural destination, hosting three cultural organizations under the same roof, the SNFCC aims to become a common ground, a place for all people, where everyone has access to learning, the arts and events that stimulate, engage and inspire.

To organize a tour or learn more about SNFCC and its events please visit

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Acropolis Museum


With an underground station conveniently located at its front entrance, the new Acropolis Museum is home to the most important artefacts found on the ‘sacred rock’....

Cycladic Art Museum


The Cycladic Art Museum, located near Syntagma Square at 4 Neophytou Douka Street, houses the world’s largest collection of artefacts of Cycladic and Greek art....

Goulandris Museum of Natural History

North Suburbs

The Goulandris Museum of Natural History is a non-profit charitable foundation, dedicated to the study, preservation and protection of Greece’s natural environment....

automaton-Μουσείο Ηρακλειδών στο Θησείο

Herakleidon Museum


Opened on the eve of the 2004 Olympic Games, the Herakleidon Experience in Visual Arts showcases cutting-edge work by new and established artists....

Museum of Greek Children’s Art


Located in a 19th-century building at 9 Kodrou Street in Plaka, the Museum of Greek Children’s Art is easily accessible from the metro stations serving the area near Syntagma Square....

Numismatic Museum


Founded in 1834, the Numismatic Museum houses one of the oldest public collections in the world and contains over 500,000 coins and medals dating from the 14th century BC until today....

GNO_Vassilis Makris

Greek National Opera

South Suburbs

The Greek National Opera (GNO) is Greece’s sole opera house. Founded in 1939, the company had been preceded by a 150-year history of a flourishing opera tradition on the Ionian Islands and half a...

The Attica Zoological Park

East Suburbs

Opened in 2000, the Attica Zoological Park began as a bird park, at the time boasting the third largest bird collection in the world....