In Athens, the dedication to quality service translates into a unique experience, mixing art, aesthetics, culture and history to give a whole new meaning to the word “luxury”.

Culinary delights in gourmet restaurants, prestigious five-star hotels and luxurious villas, as well as special trips around town in comfort and style, offer real variety to visitors to this amazing city.




Ancient Sites

Eleusis is the ancient sacred town of Attica notorious for the cult of Demeter, goddess of the harvest, as well as...

The Roman Forum

Ancient Sites

The Roman Forum is located among the historic Athenian neighbourhoods of Plaka and Monastiraki, and was built...

Syntagma Square

Ancient Sites

Findings from two fourth-century-BC burial grounds can be viewed at this outdoor archaeological site....

The Fethiye Mosque

Ancient Sites

The Fethiye (Conqueror’s) Mosque is one of the few remaining Muslim monuments from the Ottoman conquest of Athens....