Exploring and relaxing in beautiful parks, groves and gardens is one of the top things to do in Attica! Green oases for memorable walks, cycling, jogging, sports and recreation, picnics and relaxation; sit under pines and cypresses and have a coffee, listening to the birds singing, or watch a performance at an open-air theatre, under the starry sky.

Green spaces of stunning beauty are to be found everywhere in Athens, downtown and around Greece’s capital city, in its incredible suburbs. It will come as a surprise, that in the buzzing urban sprawl with the vibrant pulse there are parks, groves and gardens with hundreds different types of plants and trees, animals and birds, as well as ponds and streams with wooden bridges, open-air theatres and cinemas, cafes, playgrounds, playing fields, paths and fountains.

West Suburbs
North Suburbs
East Suburbs
South Suburbs
Kythera & Antikythera

Syngros Forest

North Suburbs

Syngros Forest was bequeathed to the Athens Agricultural Society by the wife of Andreas Syngros....



Just a stone’s throw away from the centre of Athens (approximately 30 minutes by car) you will...

Veikou Grove

North Suburbs

In about 20 minutes from the centre of Athens, a lush green space of 63 acres awaits you, ideal...

Kifissia Park

North Suburbs

The park’s annual flower show, hosted every spring since 1937, is always a big draw....

Allou! Fun Park


Determined to become the top childrens' entertainment park in Greece, the Allou Fun Park opened...

Pedion Areos


The Field of Mars, also simply known as 'The Park' by locals, is a large public park adjacent...

Alsos Pagratiou


This park was created in 1908 in the Pagrati neighborhood, when locals planted a large section...

Alsos Peristeriou

Peristeri, West Suburbs

In May 2012, a beautiful 15-acre park opened to the public in the western suburb of Peristeri....

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