The Ellinikon Experience Centre & Park

The Ellinikon Experience Centre

The Ellinikon Experience Centre is a unique Visitor’s Centre, the biggest and most technologically innovative of its kind, which is housed in the reconstructed Air Force Hangar C, which is one of the three hangars located in The Ellinikon Experience Park, which are listed as Modern Monuments by the Greek Ministry of Culture. Through unique natural and technological exhibits and digital activities, visitors of the Centre will discover the rich history of the area and the huge restructuring work of Ellinikon.
The historic landmarks and the emblematic works that compose the groundbreaking design of The Ellinikon “come to life” before the eyes of visitors through an impressive, interactive model. At the same time, the audience can enjoy a tour by an interactive bike at The Ellinikon Park, the biggest coastal park of Europe, that spans over 2 million square meters. Moreover, the audience can travel with an interactive boat in the upgraded coastline and the marina of The Ellinikon and live a unique experience that engages all the senses! In continuation, the audience can discover how the technology can change radically the way we live, work and “connect”, within a “smart” green city, which will become a world reference point. Moreover, the audience will be guided in one of the ultra-modern residences of The Ellinikon and will gain knowledge of what it means to live in a “smart” house of the future, which will open a new dimension in the contemporary way of life, by putting the human in its epicenter.
Admission is free, while a reservation is required through the website
Make your reservation and live the future of The Ellinikon today!


The Ellinikon Experience Park

The Ellinikon Experience Park is the first part of the Metropolitan Park located at the site of the former Athens International Airport. It lies next to the three Aviation hangars, declared by the Ministry of Culture as Modern Monuments.
Covering 75,000 sq.m., features new softscape areas with over 900 new trees and 80,000 plants, it is the ideal destination that awaits all visitors to get away from the daily life of the city, to explore, to relax, and to enjoy unique experiences close to nature.
Visitors can discover the spectacular interactive fountain with hundreds of water jets that create unique choreographies. An outdoor fitness area to exercise and to stimulate their body and mind. The most exciting playground in Greece, with more than 35 wooden installations inspired by the aviation heritage and nature encouraging children to connect with nature and create unique memories. The Zen garden, which is an oasis that offers the opportunity to connect with nature and relax in a place where the water element and Mediterranean nature dominate.
The Park, has been designed and built according to the principles of sustainable development, signaling a new, more environmentally friendly approach. The Park preserves the beautiful elements of the airport’s heritage. The existing surfaces from former Athens International Airport, have been maintained and enhanced, while the removed pieces have been utilized as benches, paths etc. The soil has been enriched to become more fertile, the existing plants and trees have been retained and supplemented with native species that reveal the beauty of the local landscape.
The Ellinikon Experience Park is the beginning of a new way of life, full of experiences and emotions.
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Area: Attica
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