A short break in Attica with unique hiking and climbing routes!

If you enjoy nature excursions and outdoor activities, you will definitely love Attica! Here you will discover stunning mountain destinations and networks of waymarked routes, nature and mountaineering clubs, mountain refuges and certified guides that will give you tours around enchanting landscapes, a stone’s throw away from the centre of Athens! Prepare for a memorable short break in Attica, full of unique natural beauty and fascinating mountain routes for everyone, every season of the year!

Hiking among pine trees and bushes in the centre of Athens? Impossible as it may seem, Attica manages to mingle nature with the urban landscape. We walk up Lycabettus Hill, following the path that takes us all the way to the top with the stunning views and the enchanting sunset. The trails of the hill reveal well-hidden treasures, such as the chapel of Agioi Isidoroi, that is built inside a cave, and the Lycabettus gorge… just 700 metres away from Syntagma square!

Only a 50-minute drive from Athens, Mount Parnitha is the favourite destination of hikers and climbers, combining relaxed walks along dirt paths, easy short hikes for amateurs, as well as long extreme routes for advanced trekkers. The extended network of lush green waymarked trails, as well as the organized hikes and outdoor activities, offered by Parnitha’s refuges, Bafi and Flambouri, will absolutely thrill you!

The Climbing Park of Southwest Parnitha is ideal destination for climbing enthusiasts. Don’t miss the Athens Fyli Climb Fest, that is organised every year in April, featuring a multitude of activities, such as hiking to Roussos Cave in Pano Alogopetra, to Fyli Fountain (“Kyra” fountain), Platossi Cave and the Fortress of Fyli, as well as climbing the 26 crags of the area.

Next destination is Mount Penteli, where we follow the trail that starts in Drossia, and goes up the northern side of the mountain. We will come across the picturesque chapels Profitis Ilias, Agios Nikitas and Agios Loukas, and reach the col of Agios Panteleimonas. From here we will start our descent to the namesake monastery, the Davelis cave and Palaia Penteli. An easy Attica hike, suitable for all, on the second highest mountain of Attica, that stands like a pyramid northeast of Athens.

The itinerary continues with Lavrio, and hiking along the traces of the rich history of the area. We will walk along a pine-covered route to Chaos chasm, the temple of Demeter and the ancient theatre of Thorikos, the oldest theatre in Greece. Fascinating forest trails pass by entrances of mine shafts, miners’ residences and ancient metal washing facilities. We are still in Attica’s mainland and head to Saronikos and the panoramic Mount Merenta with the stunning view. Our destination is the beautiful Kouvaras forest, for hiking on easy trails and mountain biking.

Stunning nature, ancient monuments and scattered churches, monasteries and chapels attest to the history and age-old religious heritage of the place: we are in Megara, where trekking around the ancient town, in the flatlands and on the mountains of the area, will be hard to forget.

We continue our hiking short break in Attica at the peninsula of Methana, in untouched natural landscapes with fascinating routes. The ascent to the now inactive volcano of Methana is in itself a truly unique experience. The hike through a pine forest takes less than an hour, and leads to the greatest of the 30 volcanic craters, near the “Kameni Hora” village. The view over the Saronic Gulf is absolutely breathtaking, while the village itself is an extraordinary sight, perched on the steep, petrified mountainside.

From this short break in Attica we couldn’t possibly miss a visit at the Saronic islands, that offer wonderful hiking routes in nature, with the sea breeze accompanying us in every step.

We set off to explore Agistri… trekking on pine hills and shady trails, that connect small villages with beaches, passing through fragrant forests with panoramic views over the Saronic Gulf! The route that begins in Skala takes us to Skliri and ends at the majestic Chalikiada beach. From the paths around Metochi village we marvel at the breathtaking view, while the routes to and around Aponissos are truly amazing.

We continue to Hydra, the island with the embossed natural landscape, that offers over 80 km of hiking routes: trails on the rigid stone landscape of the east side to the lighthouse of Zourvas, as well as a pine wooded path on the west side, towards Bisti. Starting from Chora, we follow the route that ends on the top of Mount Eros, in the centre of the island, with the imposing gorge. The surrounding sea is visible from all waymarked routes in Hydra, offering majestic views of the deep blue crystal waters.

Our last stop in this trip is Kythera, the island with the wonderful natural landscapes that thrill trekking enthusiasts. From Chora, we follow the island’s most popular route, the trail Μ1, that is 3 km long and ends at Kapsali, Chora’s port town. From the scenic little harbour of Avlemonas, we take the trail Μ19, used by the island’s inhabitants since the Minoan period, which ends at the chapel of St. George, at the top of the “Mountain”. An enchanting journey back in time, with the intoxicating aromas of thyme and sage accompanying us in every step.

For memorable nature routes and outdoor experiences in Attica all around the year, find a certified and experienced guide, be informed of the weather conditions in the area, and wear suitable clothes and shoes, always following the respective safety rules.

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