Savvatiano variety: the taste of Attica’s sun and sea in your glass!

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You are in Attica, the region that boasts the most vast and ancient vineyard in Greece. The place where vine and wine are connected to people’s history, mythology, tradition and daily lives.

Here you will not only marvel at Attica’s vineyard but also savour its undisputed protagonist: the famous Savvatiano, the main indigenous variety of Attica, whose history is lost in the mists of time. You don’t need to be a wine connoisseur to appreciate its virtues, to enjoy the flavours and freshness that are enclosed in a glass of good Savvatiano. Taste it at a restaurant or at the places where it is born, fermented and matured: the visitable wineries throughout Attica that will give you a tour in the magical world of Attica’s wine!

Single-varietal or blended with other varieties, fresh, crisp and perfectly balanced or aged with greater volume, duration and palate power, Savvatiano has so much potential that experts, vine-growers and winemakers are still exploring and “re-discovering” it to this day.

Some of the varietal Savvatiano labels that are made in Attica today, have won international awards for their unique character, acidity, body and distinctive aromas. Oenophiles from around the world, who visit Attica and try the wines based on Savvatiano, are particularly impressed by the excellent quality of the variety that is the… “silent force” in Attica’s wine scene!

A major factor for Savvatiano’s qualities is the vineyards’ old age, combined with the knowledge, experience and love of Attica’s producers for what they do, as well as the state-of-the-art equipment and facilities they have at their disposal. As a result, every drop of quality of the historic variety is “locked” in the bottle and reaches your glass, giving you a powerful flavour experience.

Attica’s vineyards

The region of Mesogea, in East Attica, is where the heart of Attica’s vineyard beats. One of the warmest and driest vineyards in Greece, it found its perfect “match” already since antiquity. Savvatiano has strong resistance in drought and high temperatures, and can adjust like a “chameleon” in different soil conditions.

The distinctive soil features and microclimate in regions like Paiania, Spata, Kantza, Pikermi, Pallini, Rafina, Koropi, Keratea and Markopoulo, give us vineyards with unique characteristics. With hard work and years of research, vine-growers and winemakers in Mesogea managed to decode and elevate Attica vineyard’s terroir, producing Savvatiano wines with distinct and unique characters, depending on their place of origin.

Right now, everyone speaks of a new generation of Savvatiano wines. They come from small production, non-irrigated vineyards, and vines that are 50 years of average age, which are harvested at the right time and are processed with modern wine making methods. They stand out for their aging possibilities, their excellent acidity, their aromatic intensity and richness in flavour. Labels that are now recognized and distinguished on an international level!

Wonderful when it’s fresh… magnificent when it’s aged!

Savvatiano variety gives us a wide range of white, mostly dry wines. The colour in the glass may vary from lemon green to golden, depending on the vinification process and aging. A glass of fresh Savvatiano encloses discreet fruity flavours, such as pear, green apple, banana, melon and peach, freshly cut grains, flowers and herbs. In the mouth it has proper structure and balance, as well as exceptional aftertaste. The barrel “compliments” Savvatiano variety, it takes it to a different level and reinforces its flavour with aromas of ripe yellow fruit, honey, dried apricot, butter and caramel. No matter whether it is fresh or aged, the new generation of Savvatiano will definitely win your heart and palate, from the very first sip!

Savvatiano is the main grape variety used in the production of retsina, the best-known traditional Greek wine. The “recipe” for retsina is thousands years old, when ancient Greeks stored and transported wine in amphorae, which were sealed up with resin. Soon it was noticed that the resin gave its special flavour to the wine, and it was adopted as an aromatic additive.

As a result of the thorough research by Attica’s winemakers and the recent evolution in the winemaking process, the retsina that is now produced in Attica is of excellent quality and taken to a whole new level, compared to that of previous years. New, superior types of retsina are now produced, featuring delicate aromas of pine, allowing the distinctive characteristics of Savvatiano to shine. Retsina is therefore taking up the space it deserves in the world’s wine scene.

Ideal dinner partner…

An excellent bottle of Savvatiano and a modern retsina can become your invaluable companions at the table, paired with a vast variety of dishes, as exceptional “food wines”.
Savvatiano perfectly matches salads, light dishes with poultry and sauces made with citrus fruit or vegetable, grilled or fried fish and seafood, legumes, meat and dairy products.

Retsina is paired perfectly with shellfish, white sauce saganaki recipes or even pork with leek and celery. Barrel retsinas demand heavier and richer dishes, like spaghetti carbonara, roasted smoked pork glazed with honey, salmon with orange, as well as stuffed turkey.

No matter how you choose to pair it on the table, a good fresh or aged Savvatiano promises not only to win you over with its distinctive character, but also to prove that quality does not come through affectedness, but through essence

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