Easter in the islands of Attica: a holy connection to life

Christ Crucified in a historic remote chapel. The Epitaph among fishing boats. Byzantine hymns coming from the small alleys adorned with vibrant bougainvilleas. Candles shadowed on the whitewashed walls. The Resurrection beneath the starry sky. Easter in the islands of Attica: a unique travelling gateway, sacredly connected to life itself!

Spending Easter vacation in an island of Attica is the ideal occasion for an unprecedented excursion. A true chance to experience Easter as a springtime, holy ritual within scenic lands, lying on the Attican seas. Every island has its own easter story to narrate.

Easter in gracious Spetses means getting to know about history in its museums, tasting marzipan delights next to crystalline waters and watching the four Epitaphs crossing paths at Poseidonion square, rivaling which will go higher. Choose among the parishes of Agios Antonios with flamboyant fireworks, Agios Ioannis with playful firecrackers, Analipsis with a squib-filled burning boat and the Monastery of Agioi Pantes, with nuns chanting the “Christ is Risen” hymn at cemeteries. Easter in Spetses means watching the burning of Judas effigy at Ntapia and promising to meet again at its brilliant mansions.

Once is never enough when it comes to Easter in Hydra, the island loved by artists, renown for its rich history and the sea-immersed Epitaph. Every Holy Friday, unfailingly since 1923, people are rapt with emotion as the Epitaph of Agios Ioannis parish is taken into the sea at Kaminia. The Epitaph procession inside the sea dates back at sponge divers’ years and it was sacrament for water blessing. The Resurrection is luminously celebrated at all monasteries and parishes along the island. The spectacular centuries-long tradition of burning Judas down the port is still alive, just like the soul of Hydra island.

Vivid Easter in Aegina, commemorating the Resurrection at chapels and monasteries. Flower-adorned Epitaphs meeting in front of the Town Hall on Holy Friday and fireworks lighting the sky the night after. This is the place where you relish simplicity of breaking free without superfluous details. Taste delicious lent treats and the traditional “Magiritsa”, a soup offered after the Resurrection. Watch the burning of Judas at Perdika and Anitsaio. Step in the joyful dances on Easter Sunday, Lampri as the Greeks call it, at Stavros church in Paliachora. Easter in Aegina means hopping on a boat and less than an hour later stepping foot on an island that feels like home all along.

A stone’s throw from your couch… opt for an Easter break in the monumental island of Salamina. Surrender yourself to pine forests and learn about the past through breathtaking sites. Spend stress-free moments on the island’s beautiful beaches and little gulfs, taste “platetsi”, a local oil-pie and the famous grilled octopus. Delve into the days of the Holy Week with devout concentration and celebrate the Resurrection under the grand bonfire of the Presentation of Mary parish at Ampelakia. On Holy Sunday, Judas is “punished” and thrown to fire. Salamina is an island where whitewashed yards reflect the sunlight and people traditionally collect firewood to repel the evil.

Easter traditions are still thriving in the lush island of Poros. Devoutly follow the Epitaph procession among bougainvilleas, heading for the port. Surrender yourself to the magic moment when all the Epitaphs of the island float among the fishing boats. At midnight of Holy Saturday, join the Resurrection ceremony at any church of the island or, a few hours earlier, at nine o’ clock in the evening, visit the Lemon Forest and Agios Serafeim church. Easter in Poros means roasted lamb at its small taverns and a promise to come back in front of its famous Clock Tower.

Glorious Easter in Agkistri, the island you can discover on a bike, through pineclad routes and colorful villages and churches, always overlooking the open sea. Its local recipes, seafood and lent dishes, accompanied by one – or more – glasses of ouzo at its traditional taverns, is that something extra to the absolute Easter getaway to an island where religious emotion goes hand in hand with fun and recreation.

Easter break at the almost-an-island peninsula of Methana. Picturesque tiny ports and verdant sceneries. Join a hiking trail, encounter its “30 Volcanic Craters” and visit its lovely small villages and archeological sites. Relax into its thermal waters and hop off the tiny island of Agioi Anargyroi. Ramble in its lush nature and enjoy seafood delicacies brought by waves. Commemorate the Suffering and Passion of Jesus and cheerfully celebrate the Resurrection in an old byzantine temple or a traditional remote chapel.

One-of-a-kind Easter experience in the most distinct island: Kythera. Springtime colors and traditional churches set an ideal scenery for the most revering days of Christianity. Join the Epitaph procession at the Chora of Kythera or that of Avlemonas village, where streets are filled with burning cans and a flaming cross floats on the sea waters. On Easter day, don’t miss out on the traditional feast in Agia Pelagia village, where lambs are traditionally roasted on the beach. Kythera offers a unique holistic experience of enjoying Easter on an island.

Mellow chants along the alleys, deep emotions by the sea, quaint chapels, never-fading traditions and symbolisms. Nature, history and soul unite and join the praise. This is how the islands of Attica honor the holy days of Easter!

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