Trip for two in Attica: romance and passion for exploration

No matter where, every trip for two is an experience that builds up communication between couples and creates beautiful shared memories. If your ticket destination is for “Attica”, be sure that the moments spent with your other half will be indelible, in the most living colors.

Start from Athens and get to explore much more spots in Attica. Let the magic of the land and its versatile identity wow you.

Down-town for urban lovers

A modern metropolis, always on the move. Stroll around the center of Athens and immediately get the feeling of what happens in the heart of the city, day and night. Turn-off your GPS and get lost along the tiny alleys of Plaka and Anafiotika with that island allure. Shopping spree mode on? Enjoy a walk at Monastiraki Flea Market and the countless stores with vintage and second-hand treasures.

Discover the areas that make up the upcoming cultural and gastronomic map of the city: Pagkrati, Koukaki, Exarcheia, Petralona, Thiseion and Kerameikos. Take a break and enjoy a cold glass of wine or greek beer, before tasting signature cocktails of the worldwide awarded bars of Athens. Lie on the rocky Hill of Areopagus and immerse yourself into the sunset colors, watching the attican light passing on the torch to jasmine scented nights.

Attica is for art lovers

Although the Acropolis Museum and the National Archaeological Museum are surely a must, Art, as evolved through the centuries, is still alive and thriving at numerous spots all around Attica. Take your other half and get to know the history of greek art by visiting the modern venue of the National Library or the Benaki Museum of Greek Culture, accommodated in one of the most beautiful neoclassical buildings, close to the Greek Parliament. Marvel at the timeless beauty of Aegean masterpieces exhibited at the Museum of Cycladic Art. Enjoy an exquisite rare collection of unique modern art pieces of greek and international artists in the Basil & Elise Goulandris Foundation. Interested in the contemporary scene? Today’s artists exhibit their collections in numerous Art Galleries at Kolonaki, Syntagma and Acropolis neighborhoods.

Attica Riviera for sea lovers

Leave the urban scenery and delve into the sea colors of Attica Riviera along the Saronic Gulf, from the southern suburbs down to Sounio. Get some quality time together, free from daily routine and responsibilities, wandering around the Park of Flisvos at Palaio Faliro. Taste a fine-blended coffee in Glyfada or Voula, gazing the sea, and, weather permitting, dive into the waters of the nearby lounger-offering beaches. Don’t miss out on Vouliagmeni Lake, a hidden gem of natural realm, where sharp rocks surround the peaceful and thermal lake waters. Splash around the small gulfs of Varkiza, Lagonisi and Saronida by keeping your eyes shut and embracing the island-like feeling of the area. Athenian mythology revives at the iconic Temple of Poseidon in Sounio, where you can experience one of the most enchanting sunsets of your life.

Attica islands for lovers on-the-go

A trip to Attica on board? Of course! Travel with your better half to the scenic islands close to the Attica land. Choose among romantic Aegina, pine-clad Agistri, cosmopolitan Hydra, classy Spetses, cultural Salamina or Poros with its breathtaking lemon forest. If you’re planning a long stay in Attica, don’t skip a visit to Kythera and Antikythera, the meeting point of three different open seas, where, as the myth says, Aphrodite, the goddess of love, was born. One-day travelers? Catch a glimpse of the islands through a daily cruise to Aegina, Hydra and Poros. Take photos capturing the history, the natural beauty and the deep blue of Attica islands and make your happiest moments live forever.

Attica is a place of endless excitement and new experiences for travelling lovers. Either well-prepared or spontaneous explorers, you will surely fall in love with that sweet feeling inside, for a long time to come. Hold your other half’s hand, share the moment and relish!

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