Greek Breakfast: the best way to start your day in Attica!

Breakfast, Cheese, Olives, Tomato, Bread

Imagine waking up in the bright sun while in Athens, in the beautiful countryside or on the majestic islands of Attica, and be greeted at your hotel’s buffet by a delicious, nutritious and healthy breakfast made with Attica’s local produce. What better way to start another fascinating day in Attica!

The infinite gastronomic wealth of Greece and Attica – with all its simplicity, clear flavours and pure local produce – is expressed in the most tasteful way through a genuine Greek breakfast. Ingredients of high quality and nutritional value, carefully selected by local producers, and traditional specialties that express the diverse culinary identity of each destination, compose the unique gastronomic culture of Attica.

Flavours that highlight local gastronomic tradition

The Mediterranean Diet, recognised as the healthiest in the world, unfolds in the first meal of the day at Attica’s hotels. Savour this land’s certified produce of excellent quality and products of Protected Designation of Origin (PDO), world-known for their health benefits and nutritional value, such as the fistiki (pistachio) of Aegina and Μegara, feta cheese, Troezen extra virgin olive oil and Vravrona figs. Taste the wonderful flavours and get all the energy you need from Greek superfoods, such as Kythera excellent quality honey, raisins, real Greek yoghurt, fresh or dried fruit and organic eggs.

Handmade, freshly baked sourdough bread, “koulouria” (round sesame breads), olive oil rusks from Kythera, sweet raisin bread and savoury olive bread become the basis for a true culinary feast. Jams made with local organic fruit, fresh juices and fruit salads give their unique flavours. Stir-fried eggs and tomatoes, as well as mouthwatering Greek pies with crunchy filo and fillings for all preferences: cheese, vegetable, greens etc; “pasteli” bars made with honey and sesame or Aegina pistachio; tahini and warm soup with tarhana for the cold days of winter…

Morning gastronomic delights continue with local desserts, such as amygdalota from the Saronic islands and spoon sweets – the perfect companion of Greek coffee. Try the hot beverages made with Attica’s wild herbs, along with “katsoubles” (Megara doughnuts) with honey and walnuts, cakes and tarts made with local seasonal fruit, as well as “kiourles” (pancakes) from Poros with grape molasses (syrup).

The distinctive local recipes of Attica’s individual destinations add a special character to the Greek breakfast and cause explosions of flavour: try the “mosenta” (type of spinach pie without filo), the “moustokouloura” (grape must cookies) and the “poupeki” (open milk pie) of Saronikos; the “galopita” (milk pie) of Megara; Troezen’s sweet biscuits with olive oil and orange and the rice pudding with lemon zest from Troezen’s Lemonodasos; semolina halva and orange pie; dairy products from Kythera and lemon mizithra (soft cheese) made with Poros local goat milk.

TheGreek Breakfastas certification of quality for hotels in Greece

The “Greek Breakfast” is an initiative by the Hellenic Chamber of Hotels that aims to connect the gastronomic wealth of the country with the Greek hotel guest experience. More than 820 hotels throughout Greece offer local delicacies certified by the Hellenic Chamber of Hotels, with guaranteed product quality and recipe authenticity. For Attica’s visitors, this translates into an exceptional opportunity to discover the gastronomic and cultural heritage of the selected destination. Choosing from a vast variety of goods and traditional specialties, visitors gain the experience of Attica’s local cuisine, tradition and customs.

Real Greek breakfast is served not only at the hotels of Attica, but in many other places, too, all across the region. Try it at the café and restaurant of the Acropolis Museum, daily until noon. No matter where you are in Attica, ask for the Greek breakfast – a valuable gift for your health and ticket to a culinary travel of delightful flavours and authentic gastronomic experiences!

Seasonal ingredients, handmade products and genuinely delicious flavours: this is the unique recipe of the Greek breakfast. Savour the wealth of Greek diet, starting from the first meal of the day. It will give you the energy you need to explore cities, beaches and mountains, and keep you full until the next gastronomic experience in Attica.

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