Ms. Marianthi Vavoulaki: “The coastline of Attica offers hospitality options for every visitor.”

Interview with the Managing Director of Lake Vouliagmeni,
Ms. Marianthi Vavoulaki:

“The coastline of Attica offers hospitality options for every visitor.”

1. Ms. Vavoulaki, what is it that makes Lake Vouliagmeni a delightful surprise for Attica’s visitors, easily accessible from Athens city centre? Why is it considered a precious treasure of Attica’s nature and a unique destination worldwide, all year round?
Merely 20 km from the centre of Greece’s capital city, Lake Vouliagmeni is unique not only in Attica’s nature but worldwide, revealing its beauty to its visitors all year round. A wonder of nature, the Lake was created 2,000 years ago, when the roof of its cave collapsed, revealing a natural pool with brackish water. The imposing rock, the thermal waters, the labyrinthine underwater tunnels and the lush vegetation compose an unmatched geological phenomenon. The Lake is part of the National NATURA 2000 list and has been characterised as a Site of Outstanding Natural Beauty by the Ministry of Culture.

2. Tell us a few words about the benefits of the thermal waters of Lake Vouliagmeni.
The combination of thermal and sea water creates a composition with multiple benefits and a temperature that ranges from 21 to 29 degrees Celsius, all year round. At the same time, the constant natural renewal of water guarantees the quality and clarity which, in every measurement are categorised as “EXCELLENT”, based on the standards introduced by the EU Bathing Water Directive 2006/7/EC. Lake Vouliagmeni is ranked by Greece’s Special Committee for the Protection of Natural Thermal Resources among the officially recognised thermal springs. The healing properties of the natural springs that supply the Lake are the result of the water’s high concentration in salts and minerals.
Swimming in the Lake contributes in the body invigoration and relaxation, offering an holistic wellness experience. The healing properties of the water help in musculoskeletal conditions, post-traumatic rehabilitation, as well as in gynecological and dermatological diseases. Also, let’s not forget the indigenous and natural inhabitants of the Lake, the small Fish Spa, which “undertake” to relieve the skin of its dead cells, offering at the same time a relaxing massage treatment to the swimmer.

3. What does “holistic wellness experience” mean to you and how is it experienced by the visitor of Lake Vouliagmeni? Besides swimming in the Lake, which other services and amenities can one find here?
At Lake Vouliagmeni visitors do not only enjoy an extraordinary swimming experience but also a unique hospitality experience. Our intention is to take what nature offers and enrich it with wellness services, creating an opportunity to escape from daily routine. Selected spaces have been created in order to offer the proper conditions for this “escape”. The Priv? space in the shade of trees and the lush environment, the Wooden Edge section in the most peaceful side of the Lake, as well as the Double Day-Beds in the heart of the Deck opposite the imposing rock offer a variety of options for every hospitality preference and demand. At the same time, a massage pavilion in a “hidden” oasis completes the relaxed spirit of a day at the Lake. When night falls, the Mediterranean-Greek fusion flavours of the restaurant invite good-food and well-being lovers!

4. A stone’s throw away from Greece’s capital city, the Attica Riviera is one of the region’s “strong suits” and major attraction pole for Greek and foreign visitors. Which in your opinion are the advantages of the wider area?
Athens is an unparalleled European capital, since it’s outlined by a stunning coastal zone. The Attica Riviera has found its pace. With respect to nature and the beauty of the landscape, investments along Attica’s coastal zone offer hospitality options for all preferences. Just a few minutes outside Athens historical centre, Attica’s coastline stimulates visitors’ summer dreams, with its organised beaches, Greek gastronomy inspired restaurants, cafes, bars and nightclubs with summer breeze and entertainment vibes. State-of-the-art hotels with attention to detail offer many-starred hospitality. Over the last few years we are happy to see that Attica has become a destination for Greek and foreign visitors, who are not simply city-breakers, and I believe this is a bet that we have deservedly won.

5. At times Lake Vouliagmeni has hosted great names from the Greek and international jet set. Can you name some of them and share with us their feedback and impressions from their visit?
It is true that Lake Vouliagmeni attracts great names from the Greek and international jet set. Personalities from the field of culture, politics and sports choose the Lake either for a daytime escape or for its majestic night setting. From our side, we try to protect their privacy and offer these visitors who need relaxation the hospitality conditions that will protect them from intrusive glances. Besides, in our days social media are the “telltales” of their choices, when they themselves decide to go public, therefore we leave it to them.

6. Lake Vouliagmeni has always been known for its attention to visitors’ accessibility and safety. In times of COVID-19, what measures have you taken so that Lake Vouliagmeni is a 100% safe destination?
The Lake is Covid Shield certified and applies temperature measurement at the entrance, distinct markings on the floor at waiting spaces, twenty hand antiseptic stations available on the premises, disinfection of furniture and WC after each use. The safety of our visitors and employees has been our primary purpose throughout this formidable world challenge. This being said, at the same time our goal against the pandemic is to create the conditions that will allow every visitor to relax and have a carefree experience in a completely safe environment.
At Lake Vouliagmeni safety and accessibility are always pursued and achieved with respect to the visitor. A special access lift to the lake for disabled people and modern facilities such as locker rooms, showers and toilets, offer disabled people the desired comfort and safety in their experience at the Lake.

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