Memorable vacations in Attica all year round!

A land of combinations, featuring different settings and colorings, with experiences that awaken body and soul. A place of glorious and abundant past; yet, of a remarkably riveting present and future. Attica, the broader area of Athens, invites you to spend your vacations here all year long!

No matter your starting point, every trip is a new beginning, evolving through compositions and contrasts, turning into your valuable memories.

Mountains with verdant slopes and forests with lush flora smoothly coexist with velvet beaches and crystalline waters. Monuments of world cultural heritage, ancient temples and archeological sites open to the public, unravel the land’s history through the centuries.

With the heart of contemporary Greece also beating in the metropolitan Region of Attica, innovative creations in all forms of Art keep giving birth to new points of interest. Visual Arts and Theaters bloom beneath the Attican sky, inviting you to join a trip brimming with strong emotions.

Emphasizing on refined details and in the mood for striking experiments, gastronomy at the restaurants of Attica is thriving, faithfully enhancing aesthetics and taste. Along with the numerous cozy and ambient bars, hallmarks of all vivid neighborhoods, your choices for an unforgettable night-out are just endless.

Mountains abounding with myths and legends and scenic islands just within a stone’s throw

From Kithairon mountain, where the myth says that baby Oedipus was abandoned, you can easily find yourself to Spetses, the land of Laskarina Bouboulina, the legendary heroine of the Greek Revolution. From Penteli mountain, renowned for its white marble used for the Acropolis monuments, you can easily reach the island of Aegina, where prominent writer Nikos Kazantzakis, used to live.

This is the unique mosaic of Attica, the wider area of Athens: amazing topography and consecutive alternations between mountainous and marine landscapes. In autumn, discover lakes and hidden waterfalls. In wintertime, relish the wild beauty of mountains and their well-hidden secrets. During spring months, plan adventurous road trips and travel all over Attica. Spend your summertime on its golden beaches and their azure waters. Drive along the south coast and get to know the famous Attica Riviera. Hop on the first ferryboat to its charming islands: Agistri, Aegina, Poros, Salamina, Spetses, Hydra. Take the plane for more distant destinations, such as Kythera and Antikythera, where Ionian, Aegean and Cretan seas meet in one deep blue.

Let their pure beauty feast your eyes!

Ancient and modern culture in perfect harmony

Every single step, every small or big stroll in the broader area of Athens is a sightseeing experience by default. Start your tour by the Sacred Rock and the Acropolis Museum, one of the most important museums worldwide; this is just the beginning. Downtown, along the west and east parts of Attica, and on its islands too, greek antiquity vividly unfolds through countless open and accessible sites.

Enjoy an organized tour to the Ancient Agora of Athens, the administrative and economic center of the city during the 6th century BC and to the Archeological Site of Kerameikos. Then move westwards. Find out the history of the Sanctuary of Eleusis, one of the greatest places of worship in ancient times. The archeological site of Vravrona adorns the east coast; a visit to the Temple of Artemis and to the nearby Archeological Museum is a must. At cape Sounion, the temples of Poseidon and Athina emanate the bold and undisputed aura of the greek mythology, whereas, when in Poros and Aegina, admire the sanctuary of Poseidon and the Temple of Aphaia, respectively.

Follow the cultural paths to navigate through all forms of modern Art. Embrace artistic novelty through impressive museums of unique architectural design, cultural centers and galleries that keep the creativity of today’s vibe alive.

Travel your way into the past and the present and delve into the artistic sequence of the broader Athenian land!

Top gastronomic experiences and nightlife to remember

Eminent Greek chefs, highly-respected professionals of haute cuisine who have worked abroad, let their talent shine inside the kitchens of restaurants spread along Athens, with some of them Michelin-awarded. Fresh materials and locally sourced products turn into reinvented mouthwatering dishes of the greek modern cuisine, ready to please even the most demanding visitor.

Along with these small “temples” of gastronomy, the classic greek taverns offering traditional delights, offer countless options, all of them purely praising the celebrated simplicity of the greek cuisine. Bewitching bars across the Athenian neighborhoods, at vivid squares or terraces overlooking the Acropolis, give that extra touch of mystique to your night-out. Choose the one that better matches your mood and don’t go to bed before the first morning hours!

No matter how you plan your trip in Attica, one thing is for sure: you will receive top quality accommodation services during your stay. With hundreds of accommodation facilities, serving all needs and likings, your comfortable stay will become an inextricable part of your travel experience.

The mild climate of Athens all year round, beneath the stunning light of the sun or the bright silvery moonlight of Attica, sets the perfect temperature conditions for easy and unhindered walks during your vacations.

Note that:

  • Attica consists of 66 Municipalities and is divided into 8 Regional Units.
  • Its 3,808 km2 surface accounts for 9% of the entire surface of Greece.
  • Its mainland features a 232.85 km long rich and extended shoreline. Its diverse coasts at its western, northeastern and southeastern parts, along with the famous Attica Riviera at the southern suburbs of Attica, attract thousands of travelers throughout the year.
  • There are 8 islands in the Region of Attica: Agistri, Aegina, Poros, Salamina, Spetses and Hydra in the Saronic Gulf. Kythera and Antikythera are located at the southeastern end point of Peloponnesus.
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