The Municipality of Spetses in the Region of Attica is located in the Saronic Gulf, 50 miles from Piraeus, and includes the island of Spetses and its nearby islets.
Spetses, island, tour

A tour in Spetses, the “fragrant island” of the Saronic Gulf

In antiquity, the island of Spetses was called "Pityoussa", which means "covered in pine". Later on, the Venetians named it "Isola di Spezzie", which means the "fragrant island", due to its numerous aromatic herbs and flowers. It makes perfect sense...
Sotirios, Anargyros, Mansion

Sotirios Anargyros Mansion

Built in 1904, neo-Classical building was financed by Sotirios Anargyros, a native of Spetses, who lived and prospered in 19th Century America, a personal friend of El. Venizelos.
Old Harbour of Spetses, Spetses, Attica, Island

Old Harbour

Located two kilometres east of Dapia, the shipyards are still active today.


Dapia marks the centre of Spetses city and is the ideal starting point for the exploration.
Armata Festival Spetses re-enactment

Armata Festival in Spetses island

The re-enactment of the burning of the Turkish flagship, in memory of the historic naval battle in 1822 during the Greek War

Xylokeriza Beach

Xylokeriza is an organised beach ideal for swimming that can be easily accessed by land or boat.
Vrelos, Beach, Spetses

Vrelos Beach

Blanketed with fine sand, Vrelos is a popular venue for beach sports.
Ligoneri, Greece, sea, boats

Ligoneri Beach

With a view of the Peloponnese shoreline, this free beach is perfect for a leisurely swim.