Athens at Night: Enchanting and Adventurous

Throughout Attica, from Athens and its suburbs, to the coastline and its islands, entertainment options are truly countless, for all seasons and all preferences.

In the lively, fascinating nightlife of Attica, you will – without a doubt – find your own favourite thing to do. From high-standard performances and classical music or opera events, luxurious dinners and imaginative cocktails at exquisite hotel restaurants and bars with stunning views, to cozy little cafes, elegant bistros and awarded bars, live-music venues and night clubs for endless fun until morning hours.

Start your night out in one of the many open-air cinemas of Attica and enjoy the unique atmosphere in yards and gardens with fragrant flowers, on rooftops overlooking the Acropolis or the sea, and in parks under the stars and the majestic moonlight. Continue at one of the countless parties, concerts or music festivals that are organised in Attica all around the year, featuring world-known DJs, artists and music groups.

In Attica, entertainment never stops. Discover its wonderful surprises and hidden gems, in every district, in every neighbourhood, both in the mainland and its beautiful islands!


Concert Hall Athens culture

Concert Hall


The Athens Concert Hall is a cultural complex originally founded in 1953 by the Friends of Music Society....



Just beneath the towering Acropolis, Plaka is surrounded by antiquities, Byzantine churches and other monuments, providing a glimpse into the city's long, rich history....

theater, stage, gallery, opera, Athens

Greek National Opera

South Suburbs

The Greek National Opera (GNO) is Greece’s sole opera house. Founded in 1939, the company had been preceded by a 150-year history of a flourishing opera tradition on the Ionian Islands and half a...

Odeon Herodes cultural events Οδείο Ηρώδειο Κοινωνικές εκδηλώσεις

Odeon of Herodes Atticus


The Odeon of Herodes Atticus, or the Irodeion as it is called today, was built on the south-western slope of the rock of the Acropolis during the Roman era, by the Athenian magnate Herod Atticus....

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