Horse Riding

If horse riding is your favourite sport, you can discover many horse riding clubs in the suburbs of Athens, where you can ride to your heart’s content, along with your friends and family.

At a very short distance from downtown Athens, in both the north and the south suburbs of the city, you will have the chance to make some unforgettable memories on horseback.

Throughout the ages, horse riding has been synonymous with freedom, courage and bravery in many different cultures. The relationship between man and his horse has formed the subject of countless legends and tales, involving fearless riders and their valiant horses, and formidable horsemen who could ride for weeks on end without any rest…

Celebrated military commanders such as Alexander the Great, and horses such as the legendary Pegasus and Bucephalus, are only a few of the many examples that history and folklore have kept alive through time, which represent the love and bond between man and his horse.

Today, horse riding is a sport of skill, which is based on specific rules and has been recognised as an Olympic sport.

Of course, it is also a great sport for nature lovers, as it allows them to enjoy their adventures in the countryside on horseback, riding through green mountain trails and trotting on the beach alongside the ocean…

Attica, like the rest of Greece for that matter, has a great number of horse riding clubs that can offer you the experience of a lifetime…

Horse riding can shape your personality

Horse riding is the most noble of sports; one that exercises the body and feeds the soul. It creates decent and responsible individuals who respect animals and people, and who love and care for the environment. Horse riding certainly has a lot to offer.

One’s communication with the horse, the feelings that develop between the rider and the horse, the movement on the horse, the sounds of the forest and the connection with nature, all broaden the horizons of our very existence.

Our connection with horses opens us up to feelings of trust, mutual respect, friendship and love. On the physical side, horse riding is a form of aerobic exercise, which exercises the entire body and especially certain muscle groups, like the adductor, gluteal and dorsal muscles.

Naturally, in order for a horse to be friendly, it must be treated with love, respect and care; most of all, it must trust its rider.

The importance of the relationship between children and horses

Children love horses and horse riding. They can start taking lessons at a very young age, which will teach them how to interact with horses, to care for them, hold them, ride them with respect, and to reciprocate the joy they get from this relationship.

They also become familiar with horse-riding gear (saddles, reins, hats, boots, etc.) and learn how to use it. Apart from the basic horse-riding lessons that can be taught (both theory and practice), children learn how to be responsible and to love horses through their connection with them.

Most importantly, through this experience, they learn to love and respect other people and the environment, and to be responsible human beings.

Where to go horse riding in Attica

If we take beautiful Athens as our starting point, the capital city’s suburbs are a great choice for horse riding. There are about 23 horse riding clubs in the north suburbs, most of which are in the Tatoi area, in Varybombi, Paradisos (Maroussi), Parnitha, Ekali, Kifissia, Stamata, Melissia, etc.

There are also several horse riding clubs in the south and east suburbs, which are scattered across the areas of Paiania, Markopoulo, Koropi, Anavyssos and Vari. One will also find horse riding clubs in Marathonas and Aspropyrgos.


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