Wine and Gastronomy Tourism in Attica: a memorable short break with fascinating routes, full of flavours!

The entire richness of Greece lies here, just outside Athens. World-famous archaeological monuments, modern cultural hubs and unforgettable wine and gastronomy routes that thrill the visitor. In Attica you will enjoy the road trip, the images, experiences, scents and flavours to the fullest, all times of year. So get ready for known and unknown routes in the blessed land of Attica, in its historical vineyard and rich gastronomy!

An unforgettable short break in Attica cannot but start from the cradle of the country’s glorious culture, the Sacred Rock of the Acropolis. An Unesco monument of world heritage and attraction for millions of visitors every year, the Acropolis evokes feelings of awe and wonder! The experience is culminated with a visit at the Acropolis Museum and the Parthenon Gallery, which overlooks the Temple in order to “visually connect” the exhibits with the Parthenon itself.

Next is a tour in the widely unknown ancient Greek technology that is showcased in an interactive and fun way at the “Kostas Kotsanas” Museum in Kolonaki. Here you will marvel at technological inventions of ancient Greeks that fascinate all visitors, such as the automatic servant of Philon (3rd century B.C.), a humanoid robot in the form of a female servant that held a jug of wine in her right hand and poured wine and water into the cup of the guest. Testament to the value of wine and the symposium for ancient Greeks.

From ancient to modern culture and arts, at the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Centre with the wonderful spaces of the Greek National Opera and the National Library of Greece, before we head to the coastline of Attica and the beautiful Attica Riviera. A majestic route by the sea with countless options for gastronomic experiences, from awarded hotel restaurants to tavernas that serve fresh fish right by the blue sea.

At the end of the route, Cape Sounio with the Temple of Poseidon awaits, overlooking the crystal waters of the Aegean for 2.5 thousand years. At the southernmost tip of Attica peninsula, we will not only marvel at the enchanting sunset, but will also swim at the best beach of the eastern coastline and taste delicious food at the tavernas of the area and the nearby town of Lavrio.

We continue to the North, towards Attica’s mainland and Markopoulo Mesogaias, Koropi and Spata, in the heart of Attica’s vineyard. Aromas of grapevines filing the air, guided tours revealing the secrets of wine, tasting experiences and top-quality labels in stunning estates and visitable wineries. Here we will enjoy the hospitality of Attica’s wine-makers, we will learn everything about the local wine varieties, such as Savatiano, we’ll witness the stages of the wine production process at the state-of-the-art facilities of the wineries and will try the awarded labels of the region, accompanied by delicious local flavours.

During your stay in Attica, you can’t miss a visit to the nearby Saronic islands that enchant with their beauty, culture and gastronomy, all seasons of the year! We start our island hopping in Aegina, where we taste, among others, the delicious PDO Aegina fistiki (pistachio), as well as unique recipes based on local meat. In Poros we will savour local products of incredible flavour, such as the “Lemon Mizithra” (soft cheese made with goat milk), the amygdalota, and handmade desserts and drinks made with citrus fruit. In Spetses we will taste delicious dishes based on fish, while Kythera island will amaze us with its flavours: local cheeses, sausages, olive oil rusks, thyme honey, unique local desserts and a lot more.

All around the year, a multidimensional collection of destinations awaits you in Attica, for unforgettable short breaks and unique experiences, for visitors of all preferences and all ages.

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