Commercial Market

Nestled between Syntagma and Omonia , Commercial Market is the commercial heart of Athens. Following the country’s liberation from the Ottoman occupation, the city’s commercial centre began to develop in the old area near Aiolou street, gradually spreading into the newer sections around Ermou and Stadiou Streets.

Today, thousands of businesses operate here in the historic centre of Athens. Walking is definitely the best way to experience this vibrant area of the city, where you can see ultra-modern buildings neighbouring ancient churches and architectural masterpieces from every period in the recorded history of Western civilization.

Here, visitors can stroll along streets and pedestrian-only pathways that were built before the birth of Christ, visit modern entertainment venues and restaurants, and gradually solve the puzzle of Athens.

A visit to Commercial Market provides an interesting update on a city whose ancient fleets once dominated the entire Mediterranean.

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Address: Aiolou 86, Athens
Area: Athens
Transportation: Metro Red (2) or Blue (3) Line: Syntagma Station - Metro Green (1) or Red (2) Line: Omonia Station

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