A feast invitation… to all foodies around the world!

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Gastronomy is “the art of preparing and serving fine food” and Attica definitely masters this art! The last 15 years have seen a spectacular evolution in Greek gastronomy: Greek chefs creatively utilise the excellent products and raw materials of Attica, with respect to the region’s gastronomic tradition, and the audience is responsive! It is an undeniable fact: Attica dynamically claims a position on the international gastronomic map!

Unique, mindblowing gastronomic experiences

Creative signature dishes, experimentations and new techniques, Michelin-starred meals: these are the elements that make up today’s haute cuisine scene in Attica. Some of the best – and awarded with the highly desired star distinction – restaurants of Greece, that take Greek gastronomy to a whole new level, are to be found here.

Exquisite classic Greek dishes, such as mousakas, are revisited and renewed combinations of ingredients take place. Imagination, unprecedented taste experiences and “explosions” of flavour. The Greek haute cuisine at its best!

In Attica, food lovers have countless options, both in the centre of Athens as well as in the city suburbs, the Attica Riviera and the Saronic islands.

Savour some of the most delicious, creative dishes at Megaron – the Athens Concert Hall and in Kolonaki, near Syntagma Square, in the northern suburb of Kifissia, in Mikrolimano in Piraeus, in Kavouri and Vouliagmeni along the Attica Riviera.

Modern Greek gourmet cuisine, molecular gastronomy, international flavours and great wine lists you may also find at Attica’s hotels. Enjoy the creations of awarded chefs in the finest environments and carefully designed spaces with stunning views! The restaurants and cafes & roof gardens of the hotels in Attica are here to enchant you!

Good foodeverywhere!

Gastronomy in Attica is not confined merely in the awarded restaurants. It is everywhere, it continuously evolves, it applies new trends and, it is safe to say that, all foodies, food lovers and food bloggers have now found their paradise here! New street food places, restaurants for all eating habits and preferences (vegetarian, vegan and gluten free), modern tavernas and bistro café restaurants appear all the time, making a dynamic entrance into the gastronomic scene of Athens and Attica, launched by people with creativity, fresh and innovative ideas and love for what they do.

The ever better – and more – food festivals that are organised every year in Attica, and are equal to the respective international events, are yet another evidence of the gastronomic evolution in Attica. Athens Street Food Festival, Taste of Athens, Street food and tunes, Burger Fest, Greece-Festival-Flavours, The Food Market, Athens Beer Festival, Alimos Street Food Festival… and the list goes on. Food festivals that celebrate flavours and taste, with incredible momentum and vibe, attracting people who have a keen interest in gastronomy, wish to learn about good food and take great pleasure in enjoying it.

It all boils down to this: Here, gastronomy is as multidimensional as Attica itself, as creative as its people. With no frills and no mimicry, but with clear flavours, fresh Mediterranean ingredients and respect towards the customer, Attica is the silent force in the international gastronomic scene. You have a standing invitation to come over and discover it!

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