Architectural Treasures of Attica: a glimpse of its historic buildings

Between the modern metropolis of Athens and all the historic landmarks of Attica, a world of true architectural class emerges. Old mansions and neoclassical buildings, with sophisticated façades, flamboyant details and everlasting beauty, take us on a journey to old times of artistic opulence. A visit to the fabled architectural gems of Attica is a must-do.

Zappeion Hall in the heart of Athens

In the lush scenery of the National Garden, Zappeion Hall is an exquisite example of neoclassical architecture, standing out for its harmony and elegance. Designed by Danish architect Theophil Hansen, it served as a venue of the first Modern Olympic Games in 1896.
During its long-lasting history, it used to host the first national radio station of Greece for 40 years. If your thing is to explore hidden architectural treasures, take a look at its central peristyle and the columns adorned with Caryatids’ heads.

Municipal Theatre of Piraeus

The architectural jewel of Piraeus has been a landmark in the cultural lifestyle of the city during the 19th and 20th centuries. In its current version, meticulously illuminated, does not fall short of its diachronic prestige, still catching the visitor’s eye. The four Corinthian columns at the façade of this neoclassical building prepare guests for a breathtaking stage, one of the last living examples of baroque aesthetics in Europe. The grand chandelier that used to illuminate the hall is still on and, along with 23 impressive boxes, it creates a spectacular setting.

Lazaros Kountouriotis Historical Mansion in Hydra

Overlooking the idyllic port of Hydra, Lazaros Kountouriotis Historical Mansion, open to the public as a museum, is one of the most interesting examples of the distinct architecture of the Saronic Islands. Built in the 18th century, this majestic manor was used as headquarters of the Greek War of Independence in 1821. Its façade is symmetric, embellished with ionic columns, elaborate patterns and masterly balconies. Its classy interior, furbished with rare vintage pieces and unique ornaments, will give you an insight into the past and lifestyle of the noble members of the island’s aristocracy.

Bouboulina’s Mansion in Spetses

House of the legendary greek heroine, Laskarina Bouboulina, the mansion is overwhelmed with history and architectural charm. Nowadays, it is a museum, honoring the life of this important figure for the 1821 Revolution. An impressive façade looming over a traditional cobbled yard of 300 square meters, with olive trees, scented plants and flowers.

Spend some time inside, a great opportunity to learn the story of this prominent naval commander and also to admire a unique collection of weapons, old books, china, personal documents and letters, and other precious belongings of hers. Look up to the lavish Florentine engraved ceiling of the big hall, whose preservation has been one of the reasons that urged the establishment of the Museum in 1991.

The Queen’s Tower Estate (Pyrgos Vasilissis)

Next to “Antonis Tritsis” Metropolitan Park, you can find the Queen’s Tower, a royal mansion turned into a museum. The imposing gothic tower is the centerpiece of the entire estate, which was reconstructed in the mid-19th century by the then queen of Greece, Amalia.
Currently, this exquisite building and estate, just a few minutes from the city center, have been fully restored and operating as a place of history and culture. Take part in any of the interesting events hosted at its verdant farmyard, or join an organized tour and taste the wine locally produced at the estate’s vineyards.

Whether keen on architecture or fascinated to capture places of great historic and artistic value, Attica and the Saronic Islands offer an outstanding combination of culture and aesthetic legacy.

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