Road trip in Attica: scenic rides and idyllic locations

Blooming nature and lush vegetation; the ideal conditions for a road trip in Attica, in other words, the best choice to spend a day full of images and scents. Hop on and discover every single inch of the pure beauty of Attica, well-hidden in its numerous routes. Verdant hillsides and cerulean waters are the ultimate trip companion to rest your prone-to-urbanism eyes. The small villages along your way are the perfect “pit stops” of an unforgettable road trip; let the locals introduce you to their traditional secrets.

Mountain and sea in Western Attica

Set Porto Germeno as your final destination and enjoy a truly revitalizing road trip. Drive through Pateras Mountain and its pineclad slopes and relish the splendor of nature. When in Porto Germeno, choose one of its lovely beaches, either with golden sand or tiny pebbles and dive into refreshing waters.

Prolong your little adventure and visit the Fortress of Aigosthena, built in the 4th century BC and one of the best-preserved ancient castles in Greece. Continue your road trip through Kithairon Mountain, where the myth says that baby Oedipus was abandoned among its lush pines.

Go up to Vilia, a village standing at an altitude of 600 meters, with exquisite local food, traditional houses and little shops. Thisisthe homeland of Elli Lampeti, a brilliant greek actress who was born there.

Deep blue in Attica Riviera

Next stop, Sounio: a destination that will thrill you from the very first meters of its route. Drive along the south coast of Attica, broadly known as the Attica Riviera and let the blue of the Saronic Gulf sooth your eyes and soul.

Hop off and visit the area of Limanakia at Vouliagmeni, where you can enjoy a private dive into small natural bays. Otherwise, you can swim at Varkiza beach and sunbathe on its loungers or go a little further and reach Agia Marina beach, below the homonym church or relax at the small cove of Althea.

This four- or two-wheel drive has too many stops, each one exceptionally unique and marvelous. Every single corner reveals anothershore that lures you into exploring it. Countless choices, since the bays of Saronida or Anavyssos are also directly and easily accessible. Get dazzled by Charakas Beach, or the not-so-easy KAPE beach, a true postcard of your spring or summer getaway in Attica. Getting close to the archeological site of Sounion, let the ancient Temple of Poseidon wow you. Don’t miss out on an invigorating dive with the temple looming over the bay.

An absolutely different road trip in Northeastern Attica

With the artificial Marathon lake as your final destination, the roads of Northeastern Attica set the perfect scenery for a sunlit road trip. Start from Nea Makri and drive towards Penteli Mountain, well known since ancient times for its distinctive white marble, used for constructing the Acropolis monuments. Worried-free, enjoy the shady route towards Dionysos and Ekali and drive through Tatoi at the foothills of Parnitha.

A little later, while you keep driving northwards, stop for a picnic at Beletsi Lake, with its lovely ducks, geese and swans. Go across the villages of Afidnes and Polydendri and just before entering Varnavas village, wander around the Fairies Forest, full of leafy plane trees.

Having reached the Marathon Lake, stroll through nature and, if the archeological site is open, admire the Marathon Tumulus; a big mound housing the ashes of the 192 Athenians who heroically fell during the Marathon Battle against the Persians in 490 BC.

From Elefsina to Kineta

Fan of industrial ambiance while driving? Then the short ride from Elefsina to Kineta will be your all-time favorite road trip. Before kicking off, get to know the Archeological Site of Elefsina by visiting its sanctuary, one of the most prominent religious centers of antiquity. Turn on your favorite playlist and drive along the Old National Road from Athens to Korinthos. Before reaching Kineta, every stop will be a perfect photo frame, fully capturing the vibe of the trip.

Go for any of the road trips in Attica and spend some quality time surrounded by colorful landscapes. Gaze at its mountains and bays, make a few stops at points of interest of your choice and enjoy the ride!

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