Attica: the ultimate film-friendly destination

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With a unique cultural and natural environment “under its belt”, Attica offers countless possibilities for the attraction of international audiovisual productions. From classical Athens, the mountainous mainland and the extraordinary coastline to the nearby Saronic islands, the whole Attica region boasts tailor-made, ready settings, ideal for hosting a vast range of audiovisual productions, from fiction (feature and short films, animation, TV series) to documentaries, advertisements and music videos.

Choices for location managers are endless: world famous archaeological sites and historical monuments, industrial buildings, urban landscapes and spots of unique character, amazing beaches with crystal waters, scenic islands, snowy mountains, as well as volcanoes. With its wonderful Mediterranean climate and ample sunshine throughout the year, Attica offers unique settings, multidimensional both in landscapes and historical periods, within short distances.

One of the safest and most extrovert regions in the Mediterranean, Attica has experienced English speaking film crews with expertise, able to cooperate perfectly with international productions. In infrastructure, services, support, hospitality and easy access, Attica… prevails, having the possibility to host foreign productions of great scale and high standards. Having outlined a statutory framework that favours and facilitates the attraction and fulfillment of great cinematic projects, Attica has dynamically entered the world map of audiovisual productions.

10 reasons that make Attica the “next big thing” in film tourism

1. Motives: The cash rebate or return to the producer of up to 35% of eligible expenses made in Attica and the tax credit of 30% for every audiovisual investment are exceptional motives for attracting foreign productions in Attica. The Film Office of the Region of Attica, which will operate soon, will make suggestions for locations in Attica and guide foreign producers in issuing licenses, in available hotels and existing infrastructure in general, aiming to facilitate large foreign crews in every aspect.

2. Light: Famous for its brightness and clearness, and totally film-friendly, Attica’s light is a “gift” to every cinematographer. Having sunshine for the greater part of the year and low rainfall rate, with a mild climate and four discernible seasons, Attica’s light allows filming 8 hours a day in winter and 12 in summer.

3. Locations and architecture of stunning beauty: An inexhaustible “natural setting” of various tones and unique locations can be found downtown Athens, in Syntagma square, in Plaka, at the Acropolis, in neighbourhoods, town squares and spots of unique character throughout Attica, in the beautiful suburbs, at the ancient monuments, along the Attica Riviera all the way to Sounio, on the mountains and the islands of Attica. An “open-air museum” with ready exterior settings awaits foreign film makers, along with architectural jewels that cover a vast range of needs, from modern buildings and sophisticated lofts in cosmopolitan Athens, to monasteries just outside the city centre and neoclassical mansions on the islands of Attica. Images, landscapes and settings of stunning beauty, able to meet the needs of any audiovisual production.

4. Experienced industry professionals: From exceptional drone operators and state-of-the-art post-production workshops to world class production service companies, Attica boasts English speaking professionals with experience and expertise, able to work perfectly with international productions.

5. Safety: Attica is one of the safest regions in Europe, with inhabitants that are extremely hospitable and always ready to welcome all visitors. Having state-of-the-art security infrastructure and mechanisms, Attica has hosted with great success large scale events, such as the Athens 2004 Olympic Games.

6. Access: “Eleftherios Venizelos” Athens International Airport, the biggest and most modern airport in Greece with thousands of connections to the whole world, is here in Attica. The biggest port of the country and one of the greatest in the Mediterranean and in the whole world is located in Piraeus, a stone’s throw away from Athens city centre. With a modern road network and public transport that cover all needs, Attica offers easy and fast access to film locations.

7. Long film history: A place that has been active in film making since the ’20s, Attica has a cinematographic past, present and future. From “Villar’s Adventures” (1924) by Joseph Hepp to “The Little Drummer Girl” by Park Chan-Wook, the “Adults in the Room” by Costa-Gavras and The Trip to Greece” by Michael Winterbottom, Attica has hosted large film productions with great success. This is the place where theatre, comedy and tragedy were born, where great directors, actors/actresses and composers worked and still work, making Athens, Hydra, Aegina etc famous all over the world: Kakoyiannis, Aggelopoulos, Gavras, Voulgaris, Merkouri, Paxinou, Pappa and today Lanthimos, are only few of the creators who promote Greece and Attica timelessly in the international film scene.

8. Comfortable stay – memorable experiences: In the place that gave birth to the notion of hospitality, visitors’ choices in accommodation, gastronomy, health and wellness, culture and entertainment are truly limitless. This is what makes Attica ideal destination both for filming of any kind and for the experiences and comfort it offers to foreign film crews.

9. Inspiration: The rich Greek mythology, the great historical events and important battles, the heroes and tales from antiquity to this day are unique source of inspiration for script writers and directors.

10. Multidimensional Attica – Greece in a snapshot! Multidimensional and enchanting, with a diversity that surprises and landscapes of astonishing beauty, Attica boasts destinations that are ideal for any film need. It uniquely combines the beauty of the whole country and offers majestic alternations in images and experiences. An ideal land for every location manager and film maker, Attica is ready to welcome and host international audiovisual productions of high standards. Lights, camera, action!

For more information, visit the Hellenic Film Commission of the Greek Film Centre

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