10 Things you must do in Attica in winter!

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For those who believe winter is a season that… confines them and does not allow people to enjoy their favourite activities, have fun and go out for walks in the city or embark on excursions in the countryside, Attica is here to change their minds! Here, winter is mild, the pulse in and outside Athens never stops, Attica’s mountainous destinations put on their white costumes and welcome visitors of all ages, who rush to enjoy play in the snow, while the magic of Christmas and New Year throughout Attica creates a fairytale scenery!

We have put together 10 out of countless reasons that will make you love winter in Attica. And we hand things over to you…

1. Enjoy the splendour of Attica’s nature with the snow-covered mountain peaks, the play in the snow and the activities for all in Parnitha, one of Attica’s mountain heavens. Hike the extended network of signed paths, relax and relish the warm hospitality and outstanding local gastronomy at Parnitha’s organised refuges, Bafi and Flambouri.

2. Wander around the city of Piraeus, the greatest port of the country with the incredible diversity. In merely 15 minutes from the centre of Athens you enjoy relaxed strolls by the sea in Zea Marina and Passalimani, at the cosmopolitan Mikrolimano and the picturesque neighbourhood of Kastela with the panoramic view. Here, gastronomy and entertainment are at their best! Traditional tavernas, restaurants, cafés, theatre, music and dance in a city that has everything!

3. Live the most magical Christmas in Attica, in cosmopolitan Athens or in the atmospheric suburbs and the scenic Saronic islands. Stunning decorations everywhere, festive mood and majestic atmosphere, jolly music and events that thrill children and adults alike. People setting the pulse in the streets, at the squares and in the markets, exchanging wishes and having fun. Don’t miss out on this uniquely wonderful season in Attica!

4. Visit the National Archaeological Museum, the biggest museum in Greece and one of the most important worldwide. Housed in an imposing neoclassical building in the centre of Athens, the museum numbers more than 11,000 exhibits, offering a panorama of ancient Greek culture. The visit at the National Archaeological Museum marks a unique “journey” in ancient Greek Art, which will be hard to forget!

5. Choose Attica for your shopping! Here, shopping in itself is a memorable experience, with the multitude of choices that Athens, the suburbs and the nearby islands have to offer. In Monastiraki, Ermou street, Kolonaki, Kifissia, Glyfada, at the shopping malls in Spata and at the Retail Park in the airport area, as well as on the islands of the Saronic Gulf, you will find everything, from excellent quality local products to brand clothing and jewellery by Greek designers. Benefit from the winter sales that begin on the second Monday of January and last for two weeks.

6. Savour at the delicious flavours of Christmas and New Year’s in Attica! Turkey stuffed with rice, chestnuts and pine nuts, pork with celery or plums, roasted pork leg with white wine and mustard, hearty salads with fresh seasonal vegetables and pomegranate, and many other mouthwatering flavours that fill the festive table. As for the desserts, Christmas and New Year’s protagonists are “kourabiedes”, “melomakarona”, “diples” and the “vassilopita” with the lucky coin!

7. Experience the unique traditions of Christmas, New Year and Epiphany in Attica. Beautiful local customs and traditions in the mainland and the islands, such as the decorated Christmas boats, the children’s carols, the “podariko” (first foot) and the smashing of pomegranate, as well as the sanctification of waters on the day of Epiphany, when the brave swimmers dive into the sea to catch the cross.

8. Celebrate Valentine’s Day at the hotels of Attica, with a romantic dinner, a glass of champagne and live music performances. With a view of the lit Acropolis, Lycabettus, or the Saronic sea, this special night with your partner will be truly memorable. Enjoy the warm hospitality of the hotels throughout Attica, choosing among the accommodation packages that are exclusively designed every year for Valentine’s Day.

9. Celebrate with locals and savour extraordinary flavours on Tsiknopempti and during the Carnival season on the islands of Attica. Feast, meat eating and wine drinking, music, singing and dancing amidst smoke from the burning barbeques. Unique customs, carnival events and parades along the paved alleys and scenic villages of the Saronic islands, with the merriment pulse beating in every neighbourhood and town square! An experience you will remember forever!

10. Enjoy the exquisite cultural events for all ages at the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Centre that hosts the National Opera, at Technopolis – City of Athens, at Megaron – the Athens Concert Hall, at the Cultural Centre Hellenic Cosmos, at the Onassis Stegi and at the Eugenides Foundation with the impressive “Planetarium”. Choices are numerous!

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