Digital Nomads in Attica: Endless options and vibrant mood all day long!

The sun is up, the city awakens and its neighborhoods are bathed in the warm sunlight. Ready to explore and have some fun? Choices are countless. This is how a typical lifecycle looks like in Attica, a never-ending opportunity to discover the hidden beauty just next to you.

Digital nomads from all around the world see themselves in this modern mosaic of endless possibilities. The Digital Nomad Visa makes it easy for foreign citizens to live in Greece and work remotely for their companies. With hundreds of accommodation solutions to cover all kinds of needs and tastes, relocation is rather simple. Professionals from every corner of the globe who have organized their everyday agenda in Attica, knowing well that after some hours of productive work, they have plenty of time to explore historic attractions, enjoy short excursions in the mountain or by the sea, relish an exciting nightlife and savor mouthwatering dishes.

Of course, work comes first. Every remotely working professional wants to be assured as to the ability to focus and work productively within an appropriate ambiance. The internet network along Attica guarantees uninterrupted operation with its adequate speed and stability. At the same time, Athens center and plenty of its neighborhoods, such as Thiseion, Kerameikos, Koukaki and Pagkrati, host numerous coworking spaces, offering the so-much required tranquility and inspiration. Move quickly and flexibly by using the metro or the other available transportation means. Spot unique cafés in nearby areas or in the vicinity of the sea, such as in Piraeus and Palaio Faliro. People of Attica welcome you politely, always smiley and
fully conversant with English, since they have a long tradition with foreign visitors.

Make the most of your leisure time, both on weekdays and during weekends, so that you discover all faces of Attica. Get to know its history and culture starting from the iconic Acropolis Museum. Don’t miss out on some other gems, such as the National Archaeological Museum, the Epigraphic Museum, the National Gallery and Benaki Museum of Greek Culture, or some alternative options, such as the Museum of Greek Folk Musical Instruments and the Museum of Traditional Greek Pottery.

Want to combine culture with a turn away from the city center? Go west and visit the Archaeological Site of Elefsina, one of the most remarkable sanctuaries of ancient times, dedicated to Demeter, the goddess of harvest. Enjoy the ride along Attica Riviera and let the blue sea calm your screen filled eyesight, down to Sounio with the astonishing Temples of Poseidon and Athena. Heading eastwards, feel the mystical vibes of the archeological site of Vravrona where the Temple of Artemis, the goddess of hunt, looms over the place.

A water enthusiast? Go to one of the ports of Attica, hop on a ferry and soon enough you will be stepping on the islands of Aegina or Poros, Hydra or Spetses, Agkistri or Salamina. Feel the tranquil atmosphere of the nearby islands, swim in the crystalline waters of the Saronic Gulf and adopt the slow-living paces of the locals, tasting seafood and delicious treats while listening to the sea waves. When in the mainland of Attica, you can easily go for a picnic at Marathon Lake or Beletsi Lake, cherishing the presence of water in your short excursion. Don’t forget that amid the natural landscapes of Attica, you can come across small waterfalls, lush vegetation and a great variety of birds, warbling their beautiful songs. But wait, waterfalls in Attica? Unbelievable but yes! Visit Valanaris Waterfall in Drafi, at South Penteli and Rapentosa waterfall in the Municipality of Dionysos for a different escape!

Let nature do its revitalizing work. The mountains of Attica, such as Parnitha, Penteli and Pateras, are perfect for hiking amid verdant vegetation. If, however, city is your cup of tea, you can find shady parks and groves at every single corner of the urban net. From the National Garden and Freedom Park in the heart of the city, to Syngrou Estate in Marousi or Antonis Tritsis Environmental Awareness Park in Ilion, the biggest organized park in Attica, your choices are plentiful.

Gastronomy is another asset of Attica that will also surprise you day by day. Traditional tavernas with greek delicacies, preserving old recipes handed down through generations, and modern restaurants with refined contemporary greek cuisine will surely give you some taste explosions. More of a night owl? Bars and terraces in Athens, open until late hours, set the vibrant scenery of its nightlife and place Athens on top among many other cities of Europe.

No matter how you have thought of your everyday life as a digital nomad, Attica is a place of countless options, upgrading your workation (work & vacation) to a worth-trying experience outside the box.

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