Long vacations in Attica with seafood delicacies by the waves

Summertime in Attica: time stops and every single moment is framed by the beauty and peace of its coastal destinations. Surrounded by blue sea, Attica lavishly offers the perfect combination for summer relaxation: scenic beaches and seafood tasting by the waves.

No matter the seaside spots you choose, whether overlooking the Saronic, the South Euboean or the Corinthian gulf, there is a ritual: summer swim ends up with an original culinary experience. Little fish fried or grilled, seafood the “saganaki” edition or with saucy pasta, “choriatiki” salad or stewed vegetables? Not too hard dilemmas while gazing at the greek deep blue.

Every tasty dish surely has a pinch of the Attican land: worldwide famous oregano from Methana, fresh vegetables from Marathonas, extra virgin olive oil from Troizinia or local cheeses from the Mesogeia area. Pair your lunch with a glass of single-vineyard Savvatiano wine, the legendary indigenous variety of Attica or local refreshing beers from small-scale breweries.

Seafood galore at the Attica Riviera

Attica Riviera and its enchanting beaches: pinpoint Varkiza and Agia Marina for your first stops. Enjoy the sun on the sandy beach of Varkiza and jump off the rocks at near-by Limanakia. A little further, find out the beaches of Lomvarda, Althea or Agia Marina and return to the small taverns of Varkiza for traditional tastes along with fresh pure sea breeze.

Bask in the azure waters of the peninsulas of Mikro and Megalo Kavouri or Vouliagmeni Beach and then visit one of the restaurants and taverns of the broader area, for top quality fish tasting options.

A little southern, feel the warmth of the sun and the coolness of the sea at Palaia Fokaia or Thymari beaches; visit the famous beach of Charakas or the hidden gem of KAPE and wrap-up your tour on the golden sandy beach of Legraina. Feeling hungry? The traditional local taverns along the way will welcome you with fresh seafood dishes and heartfelt hospitality.

Having reached the breathtaking set of Sounion, don’t miss out on diving into its calm waters. Can you imagine something better than savoring local dishes while looking upon the mesmerizing Temple of Poseidon?

Fresh fish at the eastern coasts of Attica

Within Schinias-Marathon National Park, Schinias is the most famous beach of the eastern coast of Attica. Alongside 3.5 kilometers of a lavish forest that dresses the beach up creating an idyllic scenery to swim in, soon as you feel a bit peckish, you can take pleasure in local seafood treats.

At Artemida, better known as “Loutsa”, let your body and soul relax on its spacious beach with its shallow warm waters. Smell the aromas from the nearby tavern kitchens preparing tasteful dishes that you will never forget.

Keratea boasts of its marvelous beaches, all different, distinct and unique. Sunbathe under the hot sun and delve into the salty seawater of Daskaleio or Kaki Thalassa beaches. A few meters away, you can feast on flavorful seafood, with waves making up the best music background.

Going west: sand in toes and seafood by the waves

At the west part of Attica, traverse verdant Mount Pateras and reach Porto Germeno. Dive into the homonym beach or opt for Agios Nikolaos or the impressive beach of Prosili. At noon, or late in the evening, watch the sun going down and magically coloring the sky and enjoy a toothsome meal with fish, seafood and local salads.

Close enough and with leafy trees perching atop, the lengthy beach of Psatha is ready to host hundreds of visitors. Choose any of its numerous local fish taverns and close your short trip as tastefully as it gets. A few kilometers away, swim into the waters of Alepochori beach and enjoy local seafood dishes under the shade of the tamarisks.

Local treats on the islands of Attica

Incomparable tastes on the mainland, but what about the islands of Attica? Every single summer day, the threefold “bright sun – crystalline waters – delicious food” is the motto of islanders.

In Kythera and Antikythera, lie next to cooling waters and taste local pickled samphire, handmade oil rusks and a great variety of cheeses, such as anthotyro, ladotyri, graviera and mitato. Don’t leave the island of Aphrodite unless you have tasted its thyme honey from cooperative or local producers.

While in Salamina, fresh fish is not the only “star” of gastronomy. Taste platetsi, the renowned oil pie and kougkoulouari, a sweet pumpkin pie, often offered as a dessert. When in Agistri, especially in August, pick a fig from the numerous fig trees along the island and feel a taste explosion inside your mouth.

In Poros and Aegina, every little tavern and restaurant is like a dreamlike postcard and there, a proper seafood meal comes with traditional desserts! Kiourles, local pancakes topped with aromatic honey from Troizinia, or almond sprinkled sweets made in Poros is the perfect closing to your lunch or dinner. In Aegina, you can go “extremely local” and taste katsoula, a small fish you can only find there and then enjoy the island’s world-famous pistachio, in the sweet version of your preference.

In Hydra, order fresh squid and octopus, cuttlefish pilaf and homemade pies with local herbs. In Spetses, try the specialty of the island, the famous fish a la Spetsiota, with a piquant sauce flavored with garlic, olive oil and parsley.

No matter where in Attica, live your summer to the fullest and seize every single moment with all your senses!

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