Health and wellness in Attica

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In Greece, the land of Hippocrates – father of modern medicine – and in Attica, the land of Asclepius – the healer that was worshiped as god – concepts such as health, balance of mind and body, care and hospitality are age-old and deeply rooted in people’s everyday life.

In Attica, the long tradition in medicine meets modern expertise, highly trained medical personnel and excellent infrastructure, offering top quality medical services… in an environment that calms the body and soul.

Here you will enjoy Attica’s exquisite climate and nature’s clean air, just outside the centre of Athens capital city. You will feel the therapeutic “energy” of the stunningly beautiful ancient monuments that adorn the whole region, as well as the benefits of a healthy diet that is based on pure products of Attica’s land. You will appreciate the beneficial qualities of the sea and the hot springs, along with the spa, hydrotherapy and massage services in state-of-the-art facilities.

Today Attica meets the main criteria according to which visitors select destinations for their therapy or medical treatment. In Athens and throughout Attica you will have at your disposal:
* state-of-the-art facilities, i.e. hospitals, clinics and rehabilitation centres, both public and privately owned, which rank among the best in Europe, and are supplemented by high-end luxury hotels
* excellent logistics infrastructure with international certifications that ensure high- quality services
* specialised medical and nursing staff with international recognition
* comparative advantage in certain categories of medical services, due to specialisation and favourable legislation, compared to other European countries (e.g. IVF and assisted reproductive treatment).

The most common services offered in Attica today are plastic/cosmetic surgery, hair transplant, dentistry, ophthalmology, IVF and assisted reproductive treatment, cardiology/cardiac surgery, orthopedic treatment and rehabilitation, care for brain disorders and cancer, organ transplants and treatment of psychosomatic disorders.

Combine your holiday in Attica with the health and wellness of your body and mind. Enjoy the ultimate care and relaxation in high-end facilities, across the region. Let yourselves be treated with the comprehensive services they offer, such as thalassotherapy and hydrotherapy, physical exercise and meditation, as well as relaxation and revitalisation therapies with organic cosmetics made with honey, olive oil, wine and herbs. Feel the wholesome properties of the Mediterranean diet and Attica’s gastronomy, with authentic flavours based on pure products of the land and the sea. Because detox and healthy diet never tasted so delicious!

Special health agents and digital platforms available in Attica will help you schedule your treatment in certified hospitals, taking care of all the details of your travel. Also known as “medical tourism facilitators”, they will inform you about the spectrum of available health services, the level of facilities and expertise of the medical staff, whilst overseeing your regular correspondence with your physicians, in your native language. They will welcome you and your escorts in Attica, take care of your safe transfer to the medical centre and facilitate all stages of the process, during your stay in Attica.

Attica has dynamically entered the world map of health and wellness tourism, uniquely combining top medical services with wholesome living, remaining true to the holistic approach that dates back to ancient Greece. Pioneer health practices, specialised medical staff, state-of-the-art facilities, low cost and easy access from around the world make Attica an exceptionally competitive health tourism destination. The healthful sun, the crystal sea waters, the pure medicinal herbs, the hot springs and the mountains’ clean air are Attica’s
“prescription” for health, wellness and longevity.

For more information, visit the Greek Medical Tourism Council ELITOUR (, the national entity of medical tourism in Greece.

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