Saronikos: a destination for all seasons in Southeast Attica


The Municipality of Saronikos in Attica is the bridge between Mesogeia and Lavreotiki. Its inland borders start just 2 km away from Markopoulo, while on the seaside they start from the 37th kilometer of the coastal Souniou Avenue and the Blue Coast area. The Municipality of Saronikos is only 9 km away from Athens International Airport “Eleftherios Venizelos”; the towns of Kalyvia (12km) and Lagonissi (18km) are the closest ones.

The Temple of Poseidon at Sounion is a stone’s throw away (15 km) from the town of Palaia Phocaea. On your way there you will get a first glimpse of the Temple from the large curve 59 km from Athens, across Patroklos islet.


Enjoy this enchanting land again and again or meet for the first time the beauty and thrills that the Saronic land generously offers. Using your own car or public transport, in summer or winter, spring or autumn, by the sea, on the mountains or inland. Whether you love tradition and history or sports, with images of diving in the crystal clear waters “stuck” in your mind or the smells from freshly grilled meat torturing your senses. Taking a stroll at the refreshing Kouvaras forest or by the salty sea of Saronida. Having a drink by the sea or on the deserted rocks when the sun sets, windsurfing at Anavyssos or hiking at Palaia Phocaea. Tasting fresh seafood by the sea or having a picnic at the historic inland fields, wine tasting at a winery or reading next to the Byzantine monuments. Gazing from the wonderful natural terraces of our mountains or playing “hidden treasure” games with friends. Enjoying an ice or hot coffee at a table or to-go, drinking a cocktail at your hotel or a bar. Whatever combination you prefer, the hospitable people of Saronikos will be there, every season of the year, to help you make the most of your visit or stay.

Being so close to the capital city of Athens and often getting the feeling of being at a faraway place, is an experiential getaway that is in itself an impressive experience.

Saronikos is also an ideal place to host a conference or your business meetings and presentations at numerous classic, modern or alternative venues. You can also celebrate the special events of your life in a place bound to make those moments unforgettable.

In addition, it is an ideal base for trips or visits to nearby interesting areas. With comfort and ease you will enjoy your visit to the archaeological site and the Temple of Poseidon at Sounion, you will experience the sacred land of goddess Artemis at the archaeological site and the Museum at Vravrona, Markopoulo, and you can also admire the open-air theater of Thoriko next to Lavrio.

For many visitors of Attica, Saronikos is the last image and sense of real holidays, before boarding the plane to get back home or continue their stay in Greece.

Sun and Sea, Nature, Gastronomy, Culture: no matter what type of entertainment and activities you choose, in Saronikos you will live The real thing.

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