Unforgettable adventure activities in the stunning nature of Kythera!

Kythera is an island you love from the very first minute. For many reasons. The indisputable beauty of the landscapes all over the island, high on the mountains and down by the sea, is one of them. Here, nature enchants and invites you to enjoy it every season of the year. And the best way to do so is through the organised outdoor activities offered on the island, to visitors who seek the adventure and enjoy nature’s gifts… responsibly!

Hiking the island’s signposted paths

Kythera’s extended network of paths makes the island a unique hiking destination, which yearly attracts thousands of travelers who love hiking. Paths that “take us back in time” and wonderful routes, which in every step reveal deserted settlements, Byzantine churches, old bridges and mills, watchtowers, sheep sheds and small farmhouses. Other paths cross lush creek ravines with water springs or vineyards and small forests, or end in secluded dreamlike beaches. Immerse into the beauty of Kythera’s nature and the unique flora and fauna of the island with safety and comfort, under the guidance of experienced hiking guides who offer their services on the island.

Diving underwater in Kythera

The seabed near the coasts of Kythera is extraordinary, majestic and full of surprises. Shipwrecks, old ship cannons, fragments of World War II aircrafts as well as underwater caves and reefs invite us to a unique experience. A wonderful underwater world with stunning corals, rock formations and chambers embraces and relaxes the visitor who decides to dive into the sea of Kythera. The permanent inhabitants of Kythera’s sea and seabed will keep you company: sea turtles and seals, small and bigger fish, octopuses, lobsters and cuttlefish. Enjoy unique underwater adventures in Kythera responsibly, with the guidance of the certified diving centres you will find on the island.

Water sports for all

In Kythera you will spend memorable moments at the stunning beaches and in the crystal clear waters of the island, enjoying your favourite water sport. Water skiing, wind surfing, sailing, sea kayaking, SUPing and a lot more guarantee endless fun and exercise for all. Choose the beach that is ideal for your preferred water sport: a cove or a large beach, sheltered or windy enough to… puff out your sails. The beaches in Aghia Pelaghia and Paleopoli are ideal for wind surfing, while the dozens coves of the island are perfect for other water sports. Certified water sport schools are to be found on the entire island, staffed with well-trained people who will guide and accompany you in your… sea quests. Enjoy the route from Avlemonas to Kombonada or from Kapsali to Melidoni on a sea kayak. Choose among the organised boat trips offered on the island that will take you to secluded beaches or to the sea cave of Hytra islet.

Mountain biking

Kythera boasts a multitude of dirt routes in enchanting natural landscapes, ideal for mountain biking. Gerakari forest, Vroulea in Kalamos and the west of Kythera from Melidoni to Myrtidia feature biking trails that will boost your energy and offer you majestic images. The island provides the possibility of organised mountain bike tours, such as the one that starts in Potamos and goes north to Gerakari forest. It continues towards the lush green Amir Ali spring in Karavas, where the group stops to rest and drink the refreshing spring water. The 3-hour route ends in Aghia Pelaghia and covers a distance of 16 km.

Canyoning in Paleochora Gorge

Adventure meets the wild, captivating nature of Kythera. Paleochora gorge is one of the most impressive gorges in Greece. It begins at the Byzantine fortified town of Aghios Dimitrios, currently known as Paleochora, and ends at the Lagada coast. Traversing the gorge is challenging and takes approximately 2 hours. Guidance by the experienced guides of the island as well as the use of suitable equipment are essential. A natural landscape that takes your breath away and an experience in Kythera’s stunning nature that will truly be hard to forget!

Traditional and sport climbing

The wild beauty of Kythera, with the imposing rocks that “embrace” the island’s villages and beaches, offers powerful experiences, full of adrenaline. Climbing lovers will… test their stamina at the organised climbing crags of the island, which are ideal for both main types of rock climbing. The “traditional” and the “sport climbing”. Areas such as Sparagario in Kapsali, Faskomilies in Diakofti and the mouth of Paleochora Gorge attract climbers from all over the world, always following the safety rules and always with the right equipment and the guidance of experienced trainers.

Kythera is Greece in miniature, boasting stunning beaches and crystal clear waters, majestic waterfalls, paths full of history and imposing gorges and rocks. The untouched natural environment of the island guarantees unique experiences and wonderful memories. Let’s respect it, protect it, enjoy it!

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