Well-being and physical activity in Attica

Wondering whether you can agreeably combine exercising and well-being with your vacations in Athens, a modern European metropolis, or in the Saronic islands and Attica in general? Surely yes! Attica accommodates numerous sport facilities, for all tastes and preferences. These venues host events for almost all sports and are open to the public.

Attica Riviera

Deployed along the south coast of Attica, from Piraeus to Sounio, choices are countless, just like its marvelous beaches. Water sports, especially during summertime, are the most popular option for the visitors of Attica, who can enjoy swimming and plenty of other water sport activities.


One of the most enchanting places in Attica, a magical combination of scenery and history. With the iconic temple of Poseidon looming over the place, the location is ideal for scuba-diving or swimming. Reach out to one of the plenty local diving centers and enjoy an underwater exploration of ancient sunken treasures. In November, two sub-sports events take place, along with swimming races of triathlon and aquathlon.

Parnitha Mountain

The mountain rising over Athens is a magnificent recourse, protected as a national park, rich in indigenous fauna and flora. Either amateur or pro, adventure lovers can delve into nature through trails and courses, an ideal location for those who fancy long walks, mountain-biking and climbing. Natural beauty, physical activity and breathtaking view over Attica, what else?

Beletsi Lake

Probably the most peaceful part of the entire Attica, an ideal go-to for nature lovers. Just after a smooth trail of medium inclination, meet a calm and invigorating place. The lake is an ideal option for picnics, relaxation or even bird watching.

Hydra and Spetses

Two islands with an extra asset, no cars to fuss around. A true must-go for trekking lovers, since both islands have too many trails, hidden bays and isolated beaches to explore. Looking for some extra adrenaline? These islands host prominent and well-organized sports events, with participants from all over the world. Regattas, with the participation of classic boats, are also a unique popular experience.


Too close to Athens, this small Saronic gem, known for its monuments and beautiful landscapes, is the perfect location for short excursions, combined with biking tours through picturesque olive groves and traditional villages, along the island’s shores.


This island is just right for sailing and yachting lovers. Its natural port ensures protected waters, suitable for sailing courses, yacht chartering and regattas. What about kayak and stand-up paddle boarding? Poros and its coastline is the ideal place to give it a try.

Attica, the birthplace of civilization, just like the entire Greece, has always highlighted the importance of physical activity as a way of living. However, the Authentic Marathon is the true king, starting from the historic town of Marathon and ending up at Kallimarmaro stadium, the place where the first modern Olympic Games took place in 1896.

No matter your preferences, Attica offers a variety of sports facilities, even a well-maintained golf course, for those who wish to keep up with their beloved hobby. Cycling and mountain biking? Choose among the countless organized or non-organized routes. Just visit Attica and experience a holistic experience of history, splendor, culture, tasting and of course… exercise!

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