Eating healthy in Attica


The Greek diet has become synonymous with the Mediterranean diet, widely known as one of the healthiest in the world. Already since antiquity, the “Father of Medicine”, Hippocrates, spoke of the importance of people’s dietary choices and how they affect their harmony and balance, their health and wellness. In the 6th century B.C. Pythagoras propounded a theory that was based on the abstinence from meat, while Hesiod attests that cereals were the main element in ancient Greek diet.

In Greece and in Attica, traditional cuisine “loves” vegetables and fruits, greens (“horta”) and legumes, small fish rich in Omega-3 and seafood. The consumption of dairy products, eggs and red meat is fairly low. Obviously, the protagonist on the Greek table is the incredibly healthy extra virgin olive oil.

In Attica you will savour healthy and delicious local produce, such as the Aegina fistiki (pistachio) and the Troezen extra virgin olive oil, Attica’s products of Protected Designation of Origin (PDO). The famous Vravrona figs and the Kythera honey, vegetables from Marathon and citrus fruit from Troezen.

Here you will taste exceptional local recipes, such as the “boubaria” from Megara, the octopus “yuvetsi” from Aegina, the “fish ala Spetsiota” from Spetses, the semolina “halvah” with Aegina pistachios et al. In Attica you will also find traditional recipes from all over Greece, which are based on fresh seasonal vegetables, legumes and fish: “briam” (mixed roasted vegetables), “vlita” (amaranth greens) with courgettes, black-eyed peas salad, Greek fava, “dolmadakia” (stuffed vine leaves) and “gemista” (stuffed tomatoes and peppers), roasted anchovies/bogues/sardines, grilled squid, fish soup and a lot more.

Attica’s visitor may savour these delicious dishes at the authentic, traditional tavernas and restaurants that insist on quality, choosing from menus that offer a wide variety of recipes from the traditional Greek cuisine, either executed just like in the old days or in a new, creative way. In any case, they are delicious and made with fresh ingredients and respect to the Greek culinary tradition. If you love street food, in Attica you will try handmade pies made with pure ingredients, choosing the philo (thin, shortcrust, traditional etc) and the filling you prefer: cheese pie, spinach pie, myzithra pie (soft, fresh cheese), milk pie, “ladenia” (open-faced tomato and onion pie), aubergine pie, fennel pie, mushroom pie

Aside from the traditional flavours of Greek cuisine, the gastronomic scene of Attica offers countless options for those who seek quality and nutritional value in their food. A walk around the centre and suburbs of Athens will convince you that here, eating healthy is not a trend, but a lifestyle.

If you get thirsty while you stroll around the city, you can always try a healthy juice or smoothie made with fresh fruit. If you get the munchies and want to eat something light, a salad with fresh seasonal vegetables boosted with your preferred superfoods is a great idea. If it’s wintertime and you crave for something warming, a steaming soup with beetroot, green apple, carrot, ginger and spinach will skyrocket your energy and health.

In Attica you will find vegetarian, vegan and raw food restaurants and cafés, probiotic-rich dishes and gluten- or lactose-free foods. Here you will savour original Greek flavours combined with exotic superfoods and excellent-quality organic ingredients, rich in vitamins and minerals.

Attica’s gastronomic scene carries on and further develops its age-long tradition in healthy food, while at the same time the Greek cuisine has justly won a place on the list of the world’s healthiest cuisines.

No matter what type of street food or restaurant cuisine you will try in Attica, one thing is certain: here you will find dishes that have been made with local, fresh and seasonal ingredients, by people with passion for what they do, who address an audience that loves good food and seeks quality. Therefore, in the abundance of choices offered in Attica’s gastronomic scene, look out for the authentic, discover the top-quality, and enjoy the delicious flavours of Attica with no guilt. They are good for you!

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