Springtime in Attica: the celebration of nature!

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The advent of spring whets our appetite for day trips to the countryside. We enjoy the wonderful sunny days at the parks and groves in and out of Athens, for outdoor activities with children and delightful picnics; at the forests of Attica for their breathtaking routes and lush hiking trails; at the villages, the farms and wineries in Attica mainland, at the stunning seaside destinations and nearby islands of the Argosaronic Gulf for truly memorable escapes!

Springtime excursions near Athens

Have the most wonderful picnic on Filopappos Hill overlooking the Acropolis and the whole of Athens or lay the checked tablecloth at the former royal estate in Tatoi and cycle around this breathtaking lush site. At the Kaisariani forest you will come across a green landscape full of trekking routes and dense trees, while the Park of Environmental Information and Sensitisation “Antonis Tritsis” will amaze you with its lavish green scenery and lakes, an ideal destination for families with small children. In the shade of the pine trees at the Syngrou Grove you will relax and enjoy outdoor play, while in less than 40 minutes from the centre of Athens, at Beletsi lake at the foot of Mount Parnitha, you will be utterly enchanted by the paths and the area’s numerous spots to relax, overlooking the entire Attica Basin. On the northeast side of Parnitha, the Mola plateau will reward you with its beautiful landscape that features water springs, meadows and sites to relax or play with your children.

Parnitha National Park is full of fascinating hiking trails and majestic routes, which you can explore on your own or with the help of experienced guides from Flabouri and Bafi refuges. Ancient secrets and pine forests ideal for picnics are hidden in the Sounio National Park, while in Penteli, the most… mystical mountain of Attica, you will be enchanted by the Drafi waterfall and the legends that surround the famous Davelis Cave. Mount Hymettus Aesthetic Forest is covered with pine trees, stone pines, cypresses, oak trees and eucalyptuses that compose a breathtaking green scenery, a stone’s throw away from the centre of Athens. Follow its waymarked trails and immerse into the magic of Attica’s nature! If you prefer a springtime day trip to a perfectly organised botanical garden of stunning beauty, the Diomedous Botanical Gardens on the west suburbs of Athens is your “must” destination! Here you will walk on paved alleys among trees, plants, flowers and herbs from all around the world, each with its own identification marker with information about their origin and botanical Latin name. The protected garden area features a vast green space that is ideal for children, a greenhouse, and a cafe that serves beverages and delicious snacks from early in the morning until late in the evening.

At the Lake of Marathon, less than half an hour away from Athens, you will explore its wonderful riverside routes, while in the land of Saronikos you will stroll around picturesque little villages with running waters, such as Kouvaras, and savour delicious flavours in Kalyvia, which is famous for its tavernas. Enjoy the cosmopolitan promenade nearby, along beautiful beaches, visit a multitude of archaeological sites in the area and have endless fun with the outdoor activities you prefer.

Farms, estates and wineries

Visitable farms, estates and “green” educational centres near Athens are ideal destinations for memorable escapes in nature. In Nea Makri, you will absolutely love the little goats, horses, chicken, geese and ducks, right by vegetable gardens and tropical tree orchards; you will have a picnic in a beautiful landscape, and enjoy hiking, climbing and horse riding. At the wonderful Pyrgos Vassilissis” (Queens Tower) in Ilion, a vast estate with charming buildings and beautiful landscapes, you will participate in experiential environmental activities for the whole family, theatrical plays, music workshops, yoga and tai chi classes. In Afidnes region, in East Attica you will learn all about organic farming, while in Koropi near the foot of Mount Hymmetous, you will visit a farm dotted with almond trees, olive trees and thyme, starring… wonderful little donkeys. Fun educational programmes for adults and children, donkey rides and hiking routes complete this amazing experience. In Vari you will learn about holistic farming methods, you will try organic fruit juices or beverages and savour delicious seasonal local flavours.

A springtime excursion to Markopoulo Mesogeas, less than an hour away from Athens, will reveal the beauty of the landscape and the secrets of Attica’s quality wine to all visitors. At the visitable wineries of the region you will tour the famous Attica vineyards and the state-of-the-art production facilities, while you will also taste awarded labels made with the indigenous Savatiano variety, matched with local flavours that bring out the wonderful aromas of Attica’s wine.

Along the stunning coastline of Attica

The seafront near Athens features countless unique destinations of great historical, gastronomic and environmental interest. With the blue of the sea in the background and fresh fish and seafood on the table, or even for the first swim of the season in crystal clear waters, the coastline of Attica is ready to welcome you: from Akti Koumoundourou in Piraeus, Vouliagmeni, Kavouri and Lagonissi, to Palea Fokea, Artemida, Schinias, the port of Rafina, Porto Rafti and Lavrio. The beautiful springtime sunshine, the saltiness of the sea breeze, the strolls along the promenades and on the sandy beaches and the mouthwatering flavours at the tavernas by the sea are nothing short of magic!

And on the breathtaking Argosaronic islands

“Day trip to an island!” is the first thing that comes to mind at the beginning of spring in Attica. Indeed, there is no better season to escape to the islands near Athens for a… summer rehearsal, with endless walks on scenic cobblestone alleys and blossoming paths, with the first swims of the season and delightful strolls along the beachfront, with sceneries that are so beautiful that it seems as though you’ve walked straight into a postcard, with flavours and aromas that are hard to forget!

A stone’s throw away from Piraeus, Aegina offers a variety of springtime routes: the blooming Paleochora hill, with its stone little churches and the glades that are ideal settings for picnics, is now at its best; the narrow streets in the town are perfect for your afternoon walks; the seafront route from the port of the island to the picturesque fishing village of Perdika is ideal for cycling. On the greenest island of the Saronic Gulf, Agistri, you will absolutely adore its relaxed atmosphere, and the possibilities it offers for fascinating routes and memorable outdoor experiences, while Spetses will thrill you with its imposing mansions, its cosmopolitan atmosphere, the deep blue waters, the gastronomy and entertainment options it offers. Just an hour away from Piraeus, Poros is definitely a “must” destination in springtime Attica, boasting a beautiful amphitheatrical town and a stunning natural landscape with paths that embrace the port of the island. Elegant and scenic Hydra, the ultimate springtime island, is without a doubt love at first sight! You will absolutely adore the strolls around its cobblestone alleys, the incredible architecture and the extraordinary routes that will take you to ideal locations for romantic sunsets, overlooking the endless blue of the sea.

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