Top 5 bike rides in Attica

Beautiful and different spots pop-up all along the Region of Attica. Prominent archeological sites, wetlands, forests, idyllic beaches. Riding a bike may be the optimal way to discover them; details you wouldn’t be able to see otherwise, working-out and an environmentally friendly way to move around.

These are some of the most beautiful rides you can enjoy in Attica. Their level of difficult may vary, some require a certain experience and a good physical condition, whereas others are ideal for beginners or families with young children.

The Lavrio-Sounio National Park

A circular ride about 32 km long, starting and ending at Agios Konstantinos settlement, in Lavreotiki area, a great part of which is deployed inside the Lavrio-Sounio National Park. Enjoy a pitstop at Chaos Chasm, also known as Egoilon Chaos, a unique geological creation and of course make a stop at the Temple of Poseidon in Sounio. The ride is rich in arcades and old metal constructions, remains of mining sites that used to operate in the area. Legraina offers great options for seafood lovers. A mixture of asphalt road and trails, so preferably use a city bike with quite wide tires.


Bike it is when in Spetses, the island where private cars are strictly prohibited. Easy to find, since there are a lot of rental agencies, bikes can get you everywhere you wish, since all routes around the Chora of the island are quite easy.

The island tour is approximately 26 km long, of mild difficulty. Even its most difficult parts will reward you, since its upslopes lead to stunning beaches and verdant spots with mesmerizing view. Enjoy, of course, long or short stops to grab a coffee, taste local food, swim or relax in this breathtaking scenery.

Kifisia – Dionysos

A 10 km ride, mostly involving a well-marked bike lane. The lush vegetation of the area makes it ideal even during hot days. The mild acclivity up to a sculpture park at the former railway station of Dionysos is the most demanding part of the ride, whilst the statues are a great opportunity to take some photos. Either way, Kifisia is a bike-friendly suburb due to its moderate (and not so frequent) car traffic. It is time to explore the architectural wealth of the area, with its plentiful old and classy mansions.

Lake Marathon
The lake round is surely a challenging bike ride, which, if you are quite experienced, you shouldn’t miss out. Either around the lake or inside the forest, the landscape is beyond charming. Choose the circular route, starting from the railway station of Agios Stefanos, or opt for the easy scenario to get close to the lake by car and then start your bike ride.

Pallini – Ancient Vravrona

Take the metro and get off to Pallini or Koropi station. Start your ride on traffic calmed roads, with low inclination differences. Cross the Mesogeia vineyards and find yourself in the middle of Vravrona wetland, at the mouth of Erasinos river. Take a moment to see the medieval tower, the horse-riding establishments and a beautiful chapel. The archeological site of Vravrona and the small, yet neat museum are a must-see. It is the perfect ride for those who want to combine physical exercise with culture.

Attention please!

Make sure that your bike is in good condition. Check the tires, brakes, gears and saddle height.

If night riding, make sure you have a special light so that you are visible to others.

Be properly equipped with helmet and gloves.

No need to say that traffic regulations must be rigidly observed.

Take all the necessary precautions and get ready to start your two-wheeled exploration around

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