Enjoy a plethora of traditional Greek foods branded by the fertile soil of Attica and the salty breeze of its islands, flavour that truly comes from the earth and sky.

Wine, honey, nuts, fruits, vegetables, olives, all with unique tastes and textures that rival anything you’ve had before. And let’s not forget the local fresh fish that is best prepared sauce-less, charcoaled simply and served with just a touch of olive oil and a squeeze of lemon.

Seafood from the Saronic Gulf, care of Attica’s islanders, is also a must-have. And if you’re into sinful temptations, turn the bitterness of your return trip to sheer sweetness. Be sure to bring home some amygdalota (almond cookies) from Spetses, or pure honey from Kythera. And watch out for the famed Aegina pistachio nuts – you’ll be hooked from the first taste.

If you order the mouth-watering choriatiki salad at a seaside taverna, expect no less than organic tomato from Vravrona, cucumber from Kalyvia, oregano and capers from Mount Hymettus, black olives from Megara, virgin olive oil from Troezen, red wine vinegar from Spata, onion and garlic from Marathon and feta cheese (note: not goats’ cheese, but sheeps’ cheese, made from an exclusive Greek recipe) from Lavrio.

Pride yourself on knowing your wine. Don’t limit yourself to just a glass of retsina, as some of the best wines in the world are produced here. After all, it was Homer who wrote about ‘the wine-dark sea’ and that naughty old god, Dionysus, who invented wine.

Savatianno grape/wine variety:

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Enjoy eating as the Greeks eat. We’ll provide the dictionary of Greece’s unique flavours and you can let your imagination and creativity start to run wild. Knowing your food is vital in Attica, especially because all of Greek’s finest delicacies can be found in Athens and the surrounds, with most of them made right here in Attica.

The dictionary of Greek traditional food & taste

If you want to feel that you have “experience” of Greek Traditional Food, you should taste most of the above suggestions!


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