General information about Poros

Poros, meaning ‘passage’, is a beautiful island that is actually comprises two separate islands: Sfera and Kalavria. Many visitors find Poros very interesting when they head to the island for their summer vacations, short escapes and day-trips, as it has a unique landscape of narrow sea passages. The island is home to many historical, contemporary attractions and beautiful beaches, and is easily accessible both by land and sea. Lying conveniently in close proximity to the coastal holiday resort of Galatas in Troezen, Poros is just three minutes away by private boat or a ferry ride. Populated since the time of the Mycenaeans, this lush green island, formerly known as Kalavria, reached its summit during the Archaic and Classical eras, as evidenced by the fifth-century remains of the Temple of Poseidon. The island’s beauty has moved many writers and poets, among them Cosmas Politis, George Seferis, Costis Palamas, and American author Henry Miller.


Port Phone: (+30) 22980 2227422224
Police Phone: (+30) 22980 22462, 22256
Hospital Phone: (+30) 22980 42222, 43333

Distance in Hours by FerryBoat: from Piraeus: 2 hours and 30 minutes
Distance in Hours by Flying Dolphin: from Piraeus: 1 hour and 15 minutes
Website: https://visitporos.com/index-en.html

Poros – Full of fragrances and tradition

The island of Poros intoxicates with its beauty, winning over visitors with its subtle charm. Regardless of the duration of stay, visitors are likely to want to spend more time to explore its various facets: to sail into the picture-perfect little port fully protected from the winds; to discover that this pretty place is not one, but actually two islands; to tour the verdant Kalavria in the north, and to walk around the volcanic Sferia in the south. It’s definitely worth spending more time to gaze at its scenic vistas and the nearby shores of the Peloponnese and to uncover its many enchanting beaches, the watermills and the celebrated citrus grove on the opposite coast. The latter, known as the Lemon Forest, is an EU-protected area that blossoms with lemon and orange trees. At the end of each day of exploration, visitors can enjoy the compact-sized city built amphitheatrically above the harbour. Walk among its beautiful neoclassical mansions with the pretty lace-embroidered curtains in the windows. Make sure to visit the cathedral of St. George with the dome that has been painted by Greek artist Konstantinos Parthenis. In the evening enjoy a meal at one of the port’s picturesque tavernas. As night descends, find solace in sleeping with the sweet breeze of lemon and honeysuckle…

Attractions: What not to miss

Overlooking the village of Kammeni Hora, the imposing volcano on the north side of the peninsula is Methana’s most distinguishing feature. Although getting a view from the volcano’s summit requires some serious uphill trekking, it is well worth the effort.

Renowned for their healing powers, Methana’s hot springs are clear reminders of the area’s volcanic origins. The Archaeological site of Troezen, where important historical artefacts have been discovered, is a favourite destination for those intrigued by our past.

There is also the famous Devil’s Bridge or Diavologefyro, and the impressive gorge of the same name. A real treat for the faithful, Convent of Virgin Mary Keharitomeni also overlooks Troezen from the mountain above. But the most well-known attraction in the area is the Lemon Tree Forest, a magical, fragrant site covered with thousands of lemon trees and watermills.

Then there is the brief, three-minute boat trip from Galatas that brings visitors to the picturesque port of Poros, where the town overlooks the port from the cliff above.

A visit to the island’s Archaeological Museum brings visitors even closer to history, and a walk through the narrow streets and paths of Poros reveals its stunning neoclassical architecture, further enhancing this island’s role in Greece’s storied past.

Gastronomy and Local Products:

Poros and Methana offer a large variety of dining options, with lovely taverns serving traditional dishes and fish.

The best beaches on the island

The most popular beach on Poros is Askeli, and rightfully so, as this is one of the most beautiful organised beaches on the island. Other superb seaside locales include the smaller Neorion beach, which also offers a number of water sports; Kanali beach, located next to the town, and the more distant beaches of Vagionia and Monastiri.

At the cove of Limniona on the outskirts of Methana there is yet another beautiful beach, not to mention the pristine beaches of Agios Georgios and Palea Loutra, which always delight visitors.

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