West Suburbs

Just outside the centre of Athens, the western suburbs have their own unique character, cultural identity and top-notch entertainment.

Egaleo and Eleusis feature important archaeological finds, while Peristeri, Nikaia and Koridalos bring out the beauty of everyday life as you wander the streets among shopping centres and squares with ample cafés and terraces.
Come closer to nature with a walk in the Dimedous Botanical Gardens in Chaidari. Enjoy a stroll through the Antonis Tritsis Environmental Awareness Park in Ilion or the lush Baroutadiko Park in Egaleo. Or explore the area’s quaint taverns and charming bars. Their tastes and colours await you!


Chaidari, Agia Varvara, Egaleo, Peristeri, Petroupolis, Ilion, Agioi Anargyroi, Kamatero, Aspropyrgos, Eleusis, Mandra, Megara and Fyli.


In antiquity, Xerxes watched the historical battle of Salamis from here. At present, Egaleo is a lively area filled with the modern rhythms of today. Check out a few of its most popular sites:

  • The Eleonas Metro Station Shelter where you can see the remains of the ancient bridge of the Kifissos River. This is where the famous Gephyrismi took place, during the procession to Eleusis.
  • The Egaleo Metro Station Shelter where you can see the traces of the ancient Irea Odos, or holy road. Irea Odos began at the gates of Keramikos and ended at the sanctuary of Dimitra in Eleusis. In the showcases at the station you can see artefacts that were found while excavating the area to build a new road.
  • 14th-century Byzantine church at the Mertaki Estate in Eleona which features wall paintings.
  • Baroutadiko Park is one of the greenest parks in Greece, with over 100 acres filled with fountains, ponds and playgrounds. It is located on the site of a former gunpowder manufacturing plant from 1870 – and you can still see its towering chimney to this day! Be sure to stop at the lovely Elea café for a drink while you’re there.
  • The Historical Folklore Museum opened in 2008 and exhibits artefacts from throughout Greece.
  • Asia Minor Cultural Museum, opened in 2010, displays jewellery, coins, carpets, woven fabrics, pictures and many other objects from Asia Minor. The museum may be visited upon appointment.
  • The Greek Pencil is a modern cultural area where Greece’s only pencil factory is still running to this day!
  • Other important areas of interest are the Alexis Miniotis Theatre, which for the past 24 years has organised the Political Passage Festival, with theatrical and musical productions; and the Giannis Ritsos Spiritual Centre, which features a full library.

Other places to visit

  • Dafni Monastery
  • The ruins of the Temple of Dimitra where the Eleusinian Mysteries are held
  • The Museum of Eleusis
  • The castle in Chaidari
  • The Fountain of Theagenes
  • The Efxaris Estate at Megara


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