Scuba Diving

Discover a whole new world as you dive into the beauty of Attica’s underwater life! Scuba diving near Athens is one of the most unique and rewarding activities available to Attica’s visitors. People of all ages can dive, regardless of their muscular strength, but being fit does help.

Diving using a Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus (or more simply, Scuba diving) means that divers wear air cylinders (personal devices made to allow for breathing under water) and are able to stay underwater for extended periods of time, giving them an opportunity to explore their surroundings thoroughly.

Getting Started

To learn how to scuba dive, you must visit an organised diving centre in Athens Attica which operates under a state licence and complies with requirements of an international organisation. These centres issue certificates from recognised international organisations (PADI, IANTD, SSI, ANDI and GFUASH), which monitor the centres and certify their services.

Beginners must take part in the programme “Introduction to Diving”, which includes about 45 minutes of theoretical training and 30 minutes of diving, with full equipment, at a maximum depth of 6 metres.


  • You can only dive if you are certified.
  • For safety reasons, solo diving is not allowed.
  • Divers must have full control of themselves.
  • Do not drink, smoke or take medication prior to diving.
  • Pregnant women are not allowed to dive.
  • Even with the necessary knowledge, diving may be dangerous.
  • When diving recreationally, you must make the required safety stop at 5 metres for 3 minutes, whether practicing decompression or not.
  • Never hold your breath while underwater. Breathe regularly and at a normal pace.

Underwater Tourism in Athens Attica

For an unforgettable and safe scuba experience, visit an organised diving centre. You can take part in one or two diving sessions each day, starting your dive either from the shore or from a boat. For a truly unique experience, consider a night dive or dives in areas with shipwrecks, caves, reefs, etc.

Scuba Diving Cruises

Make your cruise around the majestic Greek islands even better by combining it with a one-of-a-kind diving expedition. Cruises can be organised for several people on boats of up to 20 metres and are coupled with unforgettable cultural and culinary experiences.

Attica’s Top Scuba Diving Spots

Attica’s coastline is home to many secluded areas just waiting to be explored. Popular sites include Skalopatia at Legrena, Dikastika at Marathon, Vouliagmeni’s first and second coves, the Kyra Leni shipwreck at Patroklos island, the third islet at Saronida, the Fleves islet at Vouliagmeni (which requires a special diving licence) and the Palaia Fokaia Gulf where there is a small plane submerged at 10 metres. More great diving spots can be found on Aegina, the small island of Dorousa (where divers can examine the Avantis shipwreck) and on Poros at Glystra (Poros Dive Golden View Diving School, Askeli, Tel.: 6973 320207,


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