Kifisia: a heaven on Earth… in the North of Attica

Kifissia, alley
Kifissia, Attica, Northern Suburbs, Athens

Kifisia: a heaven on Earth… in the North of Attica

Aristocratic and lush, with an outstanding architecture that pleases the eye and a shopping centre that satisfies all preferences, Kifisia is undeniably one of the most beautiful districts in North Attica.

Upon arriving in Kifisia, after a half-hour drive from the centre of Athens, you will immediately feel the difference in the… air. In the picturesque narrow streets, a few steps away from the busy roads, you will think you are in the countryside. The old mansions, the imposing turrets and the lush green that dominates the area, create a refined atmosphere in this beautiful suburb of Athens, that attracts people of all ages, throughout the year.

Ever since antiquity and in the years that followed, especially from the 19th century to the beginning of the 20th century, Kifisia was the tourist resort and summer house suburb of distinguished Athenians, Turks and Egyptiotes (Greeks who lived in Egypt).

Today, the heart of Kifisia beats around Platanos square, while the adjacent Kassaveti & Kolokotroni streets are the mecca of shopping. Yet, the area that attracts ever more people, and has become the new hot spot of the suburb, is “Plaka Kifisias” on Aghios Dimitrios hill, which resembles the neighbourhood of Plaka in Athens, with its beautiful narrow streets.

Ideal destination for the whole family

Kifisia is the perfect place for endless family routes and memorable educational experiences: in the Goulandris Natural History Museum, which is devoted to the natural environment, you will be introduced to the kingdoms of animals and plants, from the simplest forms of life to mammals. Both the life sized exhibits and the interaction and balance of ecosystems are showcased with modern audiovisual means that impress children and adults alike.

Right next to the Goulandris Natural History Museum is the Gaia Centre, the newest free-standing building of the Museum’s complex, which is definitely worth a visit. Its permanent exhibition demonstrates the way planet Earth has been functioning for millions of years, as well as its present condition, after the interventions of modern man. You will be utterly impressed by the “Geosphere”, the immense hemispherical dome-monitor that shows the rotating planet in thousands of high-resolution images.

Springtime in Kifisia

In spring, Kifisia is even more beautiful, more fragrant and colourful! All the more reason to visit this enchanting suburb in May is the emblematic flower show that has been taking place for 64 years at the lush grove of Kifisia. Every year, a vast area of 20,000 m2 transforms into an immense dream-garden, with thousands of plant and herb species. Theatrical performances, concerts and outdoor cooking events enhance this memorable experience.

The sunny spring days in Kifisia are also ideal for bike riding, since the area has one of the best cycle lane networks in Attica. The routes to Kefalari, Strofyli, Ekali and Syngrou forest will absolutely thrill you!

Shopping and entertainment? This is the place to be!

Without a doubt, Kifisia is the paradise for shoppers! There is nothing you can’t find here, when it comes to men’s, women’s and children’s clothing, from famous Greek and foreign chain stores to talented designers’ ateliers, in one of the best and most historic commercial centres in Attica. The shop at the Goulandris Natural History Museum is an excellent choice for beautiful souvenirs and decorative items, jewels and toys inspired by the Greek nature.

Popular destination for extraordinary culinary experiences, Kifisia boasts a multitude of restaurants that focus on traditional and modern Greek gastronomy, as well as on inspired international cuisine, while great street food and refined bistros are everywhere to find.

Timeless pastry shops with addictive ice cream and sweets, cozy little cafés with chairs and tables out in the sun and elegant bars with beautiful music and inspired cocktails complement an unforgettable day out in Kifisia. As for the movie lovers, the state-of-the-art movie theatres and the mesmerising open-air summer cinemas await you!

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