Let’s go shopping in Attica!

In Attica, shopping in itself is a memorable experience, with the multitude of choices that Athens, the suburbs and the nearby islands have to offer. From top-quality produce of the Attica land to famous brands and Greek designers’ jewellery, Attica literally has everything! You won’t be needing a shopping list. Just let yourselves be guided by your senses and you will definitely find what you are looking for!

The centre and the suburbs of Athens are the mecca of shopping. Unlimited choices for all kinds of shopping…

In Varvakeios market and on Evripidou street you will live a unique experience: This charming and intoxicating district in the centre of Athens will fascinate you with its colours and aromas: traditional products of the Attica land – olive oil, honey, wine, cheeses, herbs, fruit, nuts – as well as a vast variety of spices, dried fruit and cured meats. A true journey of the senses!

In Plaka you will find the best Greek folk art items, handmade souvenirs, creations by Greek artists, jewellery with precious stones, musical instruments and hand-woven textiles and clothes, while in Monastiraki you will be impressed by the variety in clothes and leather accessories, furs, handmade sandals, antiques and any utility and decorative items you can imagine.

A walk on Ermou street, one of the main shopping spots of the city, is a true pleasure! On the ample-space pedestrian road with the street musicians and the impressive street performances you will find a multitude of stores for men’s, women’s and children’s clothing, and a great variety of cosmetics, shoes and jewellery.

Kolonaki area takes shopping to a whole different level: here, storefronts and boutiques impress with their luxury! World-famous jewellery brands and Greek designers who create true works of art! A walk down Voukourestiou street is an extraordinary experience in itself! Continue to Skoufa, Tsakalof and Patriarchou Ioakim streets and try the creations of Greek and foreign fashion designers, clothes and accessories of top quality and elegance.

In the Museums you will discover excellent copies and beautiful gifts for friends and family, as well as the most wonderful souvenirs for yourselves! The shops in the countless museums of Attica will thrill you with their suggestions in jewellery, utility and decorative items, books and toys. All special, for all preferences and for all… budgets.

In the Malls you will find literally everything, from creations by renowned Greek and foreign fashion designers and famous chain brands, to cosmetics, accessories, toys and homeware. Do your shopping with comfort and benefit from the great offers and sales.

In the lush green Northern suburb of Kifissia and the seaside Southern districts of Glyfada and Piraeus, you will be fascinated by the elegant stores and boutiques that satisfy literally every shopping need: clothes, shoes, accessories, cosmetics… from Greek and foreign brands, luxury or not. Here, shopping is a delight, combining the best bargain purchases with the most enjoyable walks around these beautiful areas of Attica!

World-known Greek designers

Famous cinema and music artists, as well as significant figures and personalities from all over the world, choose the creations of talented Greek fashion designers, established or up-and-coming. Meet them at the fashion shows that are held every year in Athens, such as the Athens Xclusive Designers Week, which showcases the… crème de la crème of modern Greek creativity in fashion.

Extraordinary wines and local produce

Visit the vineyards and wineries of Attica, traditional or modern, try their awarded labels and you will certainly not leave empty-handed! The lead role is played by “Savatiano”, the local variety that tastes like the sun and the freshness of the sea.
Throughout Attica, you will find the quality produce that grows in this blessed land. In specialised shops and at the street markets, don’t miss the royal figs, the dairy products, the organic salt, the pasteli (sesame seed candy), the halva and the tahini, as well as the Attica microbrewery labels.

Shopping in the islands of Attica

Shopping in Attica is not confined in Athens and its suburbs. In the Saronic islands you will find excellent local wine, honey and olive oil, herbs and delicious cheeses. You should definitely try the amygdalota, the traditional crushed almond confections with the addictive cinnamon and clove flavor, and make sure you buy enough to take back home!
Uniquely beautiful souvenirs, gifts and decorative or household items you will find in every island. You will fall in love with the handmade wooden miniatures of Greek ships in Spetses, the island with the long nautical tradition. Here you may also buy handmade jewellery, clothes and pottery, while in Hydra you will marvel at the traditional embroidery and hand-woven textiles, as well as the unique jewels made by people with passion for their art. In Aegina you will be thrilled by the handmade ceramics and you will absolutely love the main feature of the island, the renowned Aegina fistiki (pistachio), which you will find in every possible form, for every preference. Also try the pistachio based delicacies, such as the pasteli, the nougat, the spoon sweets and many more. 

A bargain shopper’s guide

Benefit from the seasonal sales in Attica and start your bargain shopping! The winter sales start on the second Monday of January and last for 2 weeks, and on the first day of November and last for ten days. In the summer period, the sales season is from May 1st until the 10th, and from the second Monday of July until the end of August.

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